Date Newsletter
2022 November 28th New releases: StreamPix / Hermes API / StreamTouch / TroublePix / VisionStreamer.
2022 April 2nd New releases: StreamPix / Hermes API / StreamTouch / TroublePix / VisionStreamer.
2022 February 23rd 1500 frames per second portable troubleshooting solution.
2021 August 26th New releases: StreamPix / Hermes API / StreamTouch / TroublePix.
2021 Feb 10th Paper mill break inspection.
2020 Nov 23rd NORPIX Video System Captures at over 1,000 fps x 1080p From Multiple Synchronized Cameras.
2020 Oct 23rd NorPix Customizes StreamPix System for High-Speed Biomechanical Motion Capture of Elite Athletes.
2020 May 5th OPC and Modbus support.
2020 March 2nd Do you know how to record 2500 mbytes/second of video for 6 hours?
2020 January 23rd New Norpix StreamTouch software version 1.2. Now with GPS tagging and multi-language GUI including German, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
2019 June 4th Film digitization using StreamPix by Cinepost.
2019 March 4th 4d facial capture solution.
2019 January 15th High speed Laptop recording solution.
2018 November 1st Announcing new StreamTouch.
2017 January 11th Announcing StreamPix Lite.
2015 October 26th Multi-camera vision and recording system monitors underwater military operations.
2014 October 6th New StreamPix Web Streamer.
2014 September 18th New StreamPix 6 CoaXPress JPEG Compression Module.
2014 July 22nd StreamPix 6 Pre/Post: Multiple camera troubleshooting system.
2014 April 23th StreamPix 6 now supports new Ladybug5 3D spherical camera.
2014 March 4th Published article in AIA.
2014 February 19th Multiple camera recording in JPEG format with prepost looping.
2014 January 21st New StreamPix 6. The new generation of digital video recording software.
2013 December 12th NorPix Pulse Generator & Digital Signal Amplifier.
2013 September 25th New StreamPix CoaXPress Recording Station 2.6 Gigabytes/second direct to disk.
2013 July 17th New Hermes API release.
2013 June 18th TroublePix now available with GUI in German, French, and Chinese.
2013 March 19th Head Mounted Camera Recording System.
2013 January 18th Cuda JPEG Real Time Compression Module.
2012 September 19th SmallPix 2 - 2nd generation small form factor recorder.
2012 June 20th New Batch Processor functionality.
2012 June 12th Upgrade policy on StreamPix 3 and 4.
2012 June 1st StreamPix & TroublePix - CMOSIS Sensor support.
2012 May 22nd Record from AVT Bonito camera at full speed and resolution.
2012 February 22nd StreamPix Adds Particle Image Velocimetry.
2011 December 28th StreamPix fully compatible with Vicon Blade motion (mocap) capture software.
2011 December 15th High speed portable troubleshooting system at 500 fps x 640 x 480 x monochrome.
2011 November 8th Important urgent announcement regarding hard disk drive availability and pricing.
2011 October 25th Distance Measuring Interval Module.
2011 October 12th Dual recording station with fiber optical repeaters.
2011 October 3rd New high speed laptop solution for StreamPix/TroublePix.
2011 May 10th Laptop solution: TroublePix/StreamPix 750.
2011 March 2nd StreamPix Airborne recording station.
2011 January 25th New modules from NorPix.