Multiple camera recording in JPEG format with prepost looping

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StreamPix 6 with PTGREY Ladybug5
New StreamPix CoaXpress Recording Station 2.6 Gigabytes/second direct to disk
StreamPix 6 with PTGREY Ladybug5:
Capture to disk in uncompressed or JPEG format.
Capture video with time stamp and GPS data.
Trigger camera with DMI device.
Capture directly to laptop, or small form factor computers.
Live preview.
Frame rate from 6 to 16 fps.
Data rate from 40 MB/s to 245 MB/s.
Trigger Ladybug5 with DMI:
Trigger Ladybug5 capture with DMI device.
Add additional cameras for asphalt or concrete inspection, georeferencing, or asset inventory.
Portable and Desktop Capture Solutions:
With laptop, desktop or small form factor solutions at up to 240 Mbytes/second in uncompressed RAW format.
Capture to JPEG 8 or 10 bit at full resolution and speed from Ladybug.
Archive directly to .PGR format for panoramic 3D rendering or post processing.
Real time live preview.
Georeference each frame using GPS.
Accurate frame time stamping.
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