Compatible I/O Devices

All the following devices can be used to generate event to trigger some action at the software level, such as start/stop recording, mark frame, pre-post...

External I/O devices:

NorPix USB Trigger Box

NorPix USB trigger box.

Cameras and frame grabbers that include digital Input/Output lines:

  • Allied Vision Technologies
  • Basler
  • Baumer
  • IDS uEye
  • JAI
  • Kaya Instrument
  • li>
  • Lucid
  • Lumenera
  • Matrix Vision Blue Cougar, Blue Fox
  • Pleora GigE iPort
  • Photometrics
  • Point Grey
  • Princeton Instruments
  • Tattile GigE
  • SVS Vistek
  • Sumix 15M5x
  • Ximea XiQ, XiD, XiB
  • Active Silicon Firebird, Pheonix
  • BitFlow Neon, Axion, Cyton, Karbon
  • Euresys Picolo, Picolo V16, Picolo Ux, Picolo HD, GrabLink Duo, Coaxlink series
  • Matrox Morphis, Solios, Radient
  • Silicon Software, microEnable IV, 5
  • Teledyne Dalsa Genie, Xitium, Xcelera, X64, PC2Vision
  • Any Genicam compliant device with a GenTL Producer (.CTI)

Discontinued products that cannot be purchased anymore but still supported:

Note: If your product is currently not listed, check with NorPix technical support to see if it can be added.