Film scanning: Preserving the past for posterity

Deck: Although the parade may have gone by for Hollywood’s…

Norpix White Paper - NVIDIA Accelerated JPEG Image Compression

Reducing the amount of data needed to store and/or transmit image data is important in industrial machine vision, surveillance and military imaging systems.

StreamPix Lite is a new entry level version of StreamPix for users with limited budgets or requirements

With StreamPix Lite you can capture uncompressed, MOV, or AVI files from a single camera.

Quantification of gait parameters in freely walking rodents

Norpix invites you to read this publication (.pdf) on Quantification of gait parameters in freely walking rodents (Click on image to read .pdf!)

Streampix multiple camera prepost module

The Streampix prepost module is an add-on module to the Streampix multiple camera.

Motion capture

High speed motion capture of a lawyer and witness in a courtroom situation. Study interaction between multiple actors. Captured using machine vision cameras at higher than normal video rates, solutions available from 30 to 900 fps at HD resolution.

HD recording at 900 fps using CoaXPress camera

Record at over 900 frames per second in HD resolution…
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Airborne high resolution capture application using a portable PC

This airborne capture system uses a portable computer with…

CoaXPress Camera Recording Station at 3.5 Gigabytes per second

In the past two years, the introduction of high speed and…