Do you know how to record 2500 mbytes/second of video for 6 hours?

The client came to NorPix with a requirement for recording video from 2 cameras with a resolution of 9 megapixels at a rate of 290 frames per second or 2,500 Mbytes/second for a duration over 6 hours.

Recording at this rate amounts to over 54 Terabytes of disk space. Unfortunately, even today's most advanced SSDs max out in capacities of approximately 4 Terabytes. As a result, the client's application would require over 16 individual SSDs in one computer just to record from a single camera. Due to the expense of the multiple SSDs, the system was cost prohibitive for the client.
StreamPix recording software with the CUDA JPEG compression module running on an Nvidia RTX2080 GPU.