Norpix Portable and Laptop Recording Solutions

Norpix has validated multiple solutions for capturing and recording video with mobile computers. Camera Link, GigE Vision, Fire Wire IEEE1394, USB, or HD-SDi video sources can be supported with those solutions, for single or multiple cameras.



Portable PC's for field applications:

  • Portable PC's are bulkier but provide better performance than laptops.
  • These are available with 7200 rpm hard drives for high benchmark applications.
List of turnkey systems using portable PC.
  1. StreamPix 5-100 : Portable solution with 4 cameras at 100 fps 640x480
  2. StreamPix 5-200 : Solution with 4 cameras at 200 fps 640x480
Portable PC

Small form factor recorder

  • GigE Vision and 1394B compatible
  • Record to solid state drives
  • Record with 2 HDTV or GigE Vision cameras simultaneously with StreamPix
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