Road asphalt inspection and concrete crack inspection

New Ladybug5 3D spherical camera support.

Full road asphalt inspection system - road asphalt crack inspection.

  • 6 or more cameras for 360 degree spherical capture.
  • HD resolution at 60 fps or higher.
  • Georeference images from NMEA compatible GPS.
  • Sync image acquisition with DMI output rate: no motion, no image. Image capture rate is synchronized with vehicle speed.
  • Adjust capture rate as a sub multiple of the DMI output rate.
  • Image number, DMI mile post, user comments and GPS Lat. Long. archived to a .csv file.
  • Multiple cameras supported, ranging in resolution from VGA to 4k x 4k high resolution.
  • Uncompressed high quality video for post processing.
  • Jamar, Nitestar DMI devices supported.

Unleash the power of StreamPix to build a comprehensive data collection system to manage roads or county assets.

Combine images, GPS georeference information, as well as DMI information with our mobile application system.

  • Paved Surface Inspection.
  • Roadside Feature Inventory.
  • Roadway Asset Management.
  • Power Transmission and Distribution.
  • Pipelines inspection.
  • Railways.
DMI Nitestar DMI Jamar

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