NorPix Latest News About StreamPix and TroublePix Software and Products

As of July 5 2024

All releases linked with Microsoft Visual C++ 2022.

32-bit versions no longer supported.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 no longer supported.

StreamPix 10: Current version 10.0.0 (64 bit)


  • Added export metadata to csv/txt file.
  • Added multithread support when exporting from Remote.
  • Added a new mode to the pre/post trigger to support infinite "post" durations.
  • Reduced the minimum allowed zoom factor from 20% to 1%.
  • Adjustments page: updated parameters range after modifying a parameter.
  • Renamed Ribbon Display/Color | "Recalculate Lookup Table" to "Recalculate Color Balance".
  • Added performance counters for Active Disk Time & Write Speed.
  • Added notifications when Active Disk Time reached a specific value.
  • Added customization for the size of the custom token edit control in the ribbon.
  • Added support for modules that want to handle Bayer's sample factor scaling in OnPostShowXXX functions.
  • Added support to set the (customtoken) edit width from the StreamPix Settings.
  • When rearming a pre/post, reuse the same "pre" and "post" values used when the recording was first started.
  • Ignore "multithreaded exports" setting when using pre/post rearm.
  • Calculate SEQ suggested frame rate as the time stamp difference between the last and first frame rather that start and stop recording time.
Bug fixes:
  • The xml file containing the info about dropped frames is not created when recording with the Image Merge module.
  • Bug in robocopy.
  • Autofill multidisplay not working if no grabbers loaded.
  • PrePost: when StreamPix starts with -r argument, pre-post durations are incorrect.
  • New module: Sensor Data Overlay - Capture and display pressure and temperature from UDP messages.
  • WebStreamer: Timestamp overlay scheme does not list sub decimal values (using GPU).
  • InfraRed Remapping: Added license, support for more formats, predefined color paletes.
  • GRT Header Data: Added overlay options for some timestamp and other ancillary data.
  • Pixel Viewer: Added support for HikVision float32 format.
  • Image Channels: Added GUI options for capture/display/export.
  • Comment Overlay: Correctly position and scale the text when used with 1:2, 1:4 and 1:8 Bayer sample factors.
  • Bitmap Overlay: Added support to show the bitmap overlay "on display" for sequence images.
  • Time Overlay: Added time scheme
  • Image Resize Module: Added a setting to display image time stamp using UTC formatting versus local time.

StreamTouch: Current version 3.0.0 (64 bit)


  • Linked with NorPix Shared v10.0.0.

TroublePix: Current version 6.0.0 (64 bit)


  • Introduced license for all GPU compression options.
  • Fixed crash when trying to overwrite current SEQ file.
  • Linked with NorPix Shared v10.0.0.

VisionStreamer: Current version 2.0.0 (64 bit)


  • Linked with NorPix Shared v10.0.0.

Hermes API: Current version June 24, 2024 (64 bit)


  • HermesAutoCopy : Optimization and bug fixes.
  • Metadata: Added HMetadataUnit.h to the distributed file list.
  • Metadata: Added new functions to retrieve a MetadataUnit associated to an image without having to read the image.
  • Metadata: Upgraded metadata files to version 2.0. A new 4 bytes value is inserted in the metadata units, between the size and the metadata count. This value corresponds to the metadata index (in case some frames don't have associated metadata).
  • Implemented multithreaded memcpy for RAM sequence. Enabled through a registry key for now.
  • NpxNetStream: Added support for YUV420 20 bit.
  • HImage: New H_IMAGE_MONO_FLOAT_IR_HIKVISION image format to support HIK Vision IR camera.
  • HImage: Added support for pseudo colors remapping.
  • HImage: Added H_IMAGE_NY2 image format.
  • HImageColorProcessing: Apply 48 bit color processing for H_IMAGE_BGR10_PPACKED.
  • HImageExporter: Fixed crash while recording in .ts file.
  • RamSequence: Added commit to RAM when allocating RAM sequence image buffer.
  • GPU Acceleration: Added support for Intel Arc GPU and update libraries to Intel OneAPI.
  • H264: Optimized CPU encoding when no GPU is available.
  • HGrabber: Added multicast properties access interface INorpixMulticastIPPropfor supported grabber devices.
  • MP4 container: Fixed support for YUV411 image format when using MJPEG compression.
  • MP4 container: Fixed crash if image width was not multiple of 32.
  • Linked with NorPix Shared v10.0.0.

Common files:

Active Silicon FireBird:
  • Linked with Active SDK 1.8.12 and CXP driver 1.6.12
  • Fixed duplicate frames and corrupted image issue while in high fps multi images per frame buffer capture mode
AVT Vimba:
  • Added ReverseX, ReverseY and DeviceLinkThroughputLimitMode on Settings page
  • Added statistics for USB cameras
  • Added dropped frames notification for USB and GigE cameras
  • Added "Master clock" entry in Timestamp Source setting
  • Added support for getting master time when using PTP
  • Fixed Timestamp Source not being displayed for cameras that do not support event callback
  • Fixed listing a read-only parameter on Settings page
  • Fixed TriggerSource on Advanced Settings page
  • Fixed some parameters query issues at startup
  • Improved support for CamStatMonitor
  • Fixed dynamic list of loaded/unloaded/reloaded cameras
Basler MicroEnable 5:
  • Added support for mono10 image format
Basler pylon:
  • Linked with SDK
  • Fixed Pixel Format on Advanced Settings page
  • Improved loading camera parameters at startup
Baumer BGAPI2:
  • Linked with BGAPI SDK 2.14.1
BitFlow CameraLink & Analog:
  • Linked with SDK 6.600
BitFlow CoaXPress:
  • Linked with SDK 6.600
Black Magic DeckLink:
  • Linked with Blackmagic DeckLink SDK 14.0
Emergent Vision Technologies:
  • Linked with SDK 2.51.01
  • Added Iris and Focus adjustments
All Euresys cards:
  • Linked with Multicam driver
  • Added support for selector and selected nodes
GenICam Consumer Capture Device:
  • Fixed registration issue during the installation
  • Different license for GiGE or USB cameras versus high end frame grabbers
  • Added support for dual grabber configuration to handle 8 CXP channels cameras such as Phantom S series
Great River Technology Velocity A818:
  • Linked with SDK 2.14
  • Added ROI support via Hermes API line by line copy
  • Linked with MVS_STD_4.3.2_240529
  • Fixed bit depth on Mono16
  • Fixed display on Mono10Packed
  • Fixed crash when stopping acquisition
  • Added support for Float32 image format for thermal cameras
IDS Peak:
  • Linked with SDK
  • Added FrameID and camera timestamp to metadata
  • Fixed frame rate not properly loaded at startup
  • Fixed instability when capturing in trigger mode
ImperX HD-SDI Express:
  • Linked with SDK revision
Kaya Frame Grabber:
  • Linked with Vision Point (2024.1)
  • Added support for timesource
  • Added Input/Output line direction via startup script
  • Linked with ArenaSDK v1.0.44.9
All Matrox devices:
  • Linked with MIL Lite X version 23H2 (10.60.777)
  • Added a Keep Alive message to avoid the sending device to stops streaming after a couple minutes
  • Linked with PFSDK 2023.2.0
Photron Infinicam:
  • Linked with SDK 1.6.0
Pleora eBUS:
  • Linked with eBUS SDK
  • Added support for multicast master and slave
  • Added support for serial communication via API, clser and COM port
All Teledyne Dalsa devices:
  • Linked with Sapera LT 8.73
Teledyne FLIR Spinnaker:
  • Linked with SDK
  • Added support for dropped frames notification
  • Improved support for CamStatMonitor
  • Removed Software entry from TriggerSource
  • Fixed Dropped Frames Action -> Insert Blank Frames (due to an error with dropped frames calculation)
  • Fixed Binning and ISPEnable settings
Teledyne FLIR Ladybug:
  • Linked with API
  • First release. Linked with Mosaic
Web IP cameras:
  • Added a Keep Alive message to avoid the sending device to stops streaming after a couple minutes
  • Fixed an acquisition issue
  • Added some Exposure, Gain and FrameRate parameters
    • Linked with SDK
    Common Live adjustments page:
    • Updated parameters range after modifying a parameter

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