NorPix Latest News About StreamPix and TroublePix Software and Products

As of April 7 2017

All releases linked with Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package v11.0.61030.

Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit are no longer supported.

Windows 64-bit versions available for TroublePix, Hermes API and StreamPix 7.

The 64-bit version supports only a limited number of compatible cameras and frame grabbers due to lack of native 64-bit drivers.

StreamPix 7: Current version 7.2.1 (32/64 bit)

New Features:

  • Images settings is available at individual workspace settings page.
  • Added a setting to specify the type of image interpolation.
  • Load / unload grabber device: device is unloaded only after user made a new selection.
  • Added support for GEOTIFF tags in Tiff files.
  • Improved performance while drawing overlays into images.
  • Moved StreamPix Settings | More | Images to a new StreamPix Settings | Images page.
  • Hold Ctrl+Shift at startup to show registry wipe dialog.
  • StreamPix Light: Added export to SEQ (full sequence only).
New Modules:
  • RS232 Text Overlay.
  • Pixel Viewer. Shows raw pixel values in a separate window.
  • Pixel Value Exporter. Exports full image raw pixel values to a CSV file.
  • Quick Overlay.
  • Image Measurements.
  • Photon Focus Camera Control module: Linked with PFRemote SDK 2.46. Added support for the quad rate cameras (QR).
  • Arduino Pulse Gen Module: Added a dialog to allow entering a duty cycle parameter.
  • Web Streamer: multiple slices is now supported to pack large images.
  • Image Merge: fixed 3x1 merge pattern fails with some image format and 1x3 incorrect spacing between workspaces.
  • Image Statistics: Added support for multiple ROIs when loading the module multiple times.
  • Image Statistics: Added option to display raw pixel value at mouse location.
  • Image Statistics: Draw ROI rectangle in the same color as overlay font color.
  • Image Statistics: Changed display mode selection to 2 options: Raw image or processed image (instead of live/sequence/current display).
  • Image Statistics: Fixed pixel coordinates calculation in multi-display mode and single display with 'fit image to window' mode.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when using the MP4 playback slider to browse the file content.
  • Fixed a crash when disabling remote control (StreamPix Settings|Remote Control).

TroublePix: Current version (32/64 bit)


  • Linked with NorPix Shared v7.2.1.
  • New: Added Chinese user guide.
  • New: Added option for 4 preset buttons under Camera Settings page. Used for quickly changing the ROI and some camera parameters.

Hermes API: Current version April 7, 2017 (32/64 bit)


  • Linked with Norpix Shared v7.2.1.
  • Updated color space conversion for RGB to YCbCr for YUV422/420 image format.
  • Added support for 12 bit packet MSB image format (8844).
  • H.264 compression: Converting to YUV420 should clip image size to the nearest 16 multiple silently.
  • Implemented Saveguard LTC on Bayer within Image Resize and Crop modules.
  • Image Converter: fixed YUV conversion formula.
  • Fixed exporting 16 bit pixel packed image formats to DNG.
  • Fixed HEVC encoding when using CPU 6700K and recording to SEQ.
  • Fixed memory leak when exporting to DNG.
  • Fixed LUT rounding overflow error.
  • Fixed MP4 playback: speed is not constant in between play/pause (sometime the playback rate is slower).

Common files:

Flir Point Grey Spinnaker:
  • First release. Linked with SDK
Sumix 16eXX:
  • First release. Linked with driver revision 1.1.243.
  • First release. Linked with SDK 6.201.
  • For CoaXPress cameras only.
National Instrument NI1429:
  • Linked with NI-IMAQ rev 16.0.1f0 (2016.09).
Imaging Source:
  • Linked with SDK IC Imaging Control
Cooke PCO:
  • Linked with CamWare 4.03.1 (SDK 1.20.0).
IDS uEye:
  • Linked with IDS uEye SDK v4.82.
  • Added support for 10-bit pixel format.
All Dalsa devices:
  • Linked with Sapera LT 8.20.
All Euresys cards:
  • Linked with Multicam driver
Euresys Picolo HD:
  • Linked with Multicam Picolo HD
Sumix 15M5x:
  • Linked with driver revision 1.1.243.
A&B Software ActiveGigE:
  • Linked with SDK
  • Linked with SDK 3.0.1.
  • Linked with BGAPI2 SDK 2.6.12714.
Great River Technology Matrix A818/Matrix Hotlink:
  • Linked with SDK 5.00.
  • Added support for Arync 818 / 16 bit monochrome on Matrix frame grabber.
Black Magic DeckLink:
  • Linked with Blackmagic DeckLink SDK 10.8.
  • Added video source enumeration.
Active Silicon FireBird:
  • Linked with FBD SDK 1.4.2.
Silicon Software MicroEnable IV, 5:
  • Linked with SDK
All Matrox devices:
  • Linked with MIL 10 R2 build 2995.
  • Linked with Xeneth API
Point Grey Ladybug:
  • Linked with API
Pleora eBUS:
  • Linked with eBUS SDK
  • Added support for Photon Focus double/quad rate cameras.
  • Fixed Trigger Source.
  • Linked with SDK release
  • Added support for 12-bit packed MSB image format.
  • Fixed displaying unsupported Bayer formats.
Jenoptik Dij GRYPHAX series:
  • Linked with SDK 1.2.2 (64-bit only).
  • Added support for automatic camera disconnection/reconnection.
  • Added Capture Mode, Configuration Mode, Illumination Mode and Resolution settings.
  • Added AutoExposureControlMaxOE and Acquisition Timeout adjustments.
  • Improved ROI management.
  • Fixed multi camera detection.
  • Fixed "Auto Exposure and Gain", "Whitebalance Mode" settings.
Point Grey:
  • Linked with revision of the FlyCapture2 driver.
  • Improved "Camera List" setting.
  • Fixed registration issue.
  • Fixed "Display Stream Statistics" setting.
  • Added support for Photon Focus quad rate cameras.
WebIP / ONVIF camera:
  • Added reconstruction for multi slice packets into a single frame.
Bitflow CL/Analog:
  • Separate driver for CameraLink and analog boards.
  • Fixed date in hardware timestamp mode.
  • Added frame grabber frame counter value as metadata.
  • Added support for error notifications and statistics.
Basler Pylon 5.x:
  • Improved "Image Format" setting.
  • Added "ReadoutModeSensor" parameter on the Settings page.
  • Fixed Mono10p image format.
  • Fixed changing an enumeration parameter on the Advanced Settings page.
  • Fixed Timestamp Capture when changing between events.
  • Fixed Exposure and FrameRate ranges not properly updated.
  • Fixed Timestamp Capture when using camera timestamp.
Silicon Software MicroEnable 5:
  • Added support for the Marathon boards.
  • Added Trigger Mode setting.
  • Fixed Trigger Mode not listed on Advanced Settings page.
  • Fixed a bug when using 2 cameras on the same board.
  • Fixed a bug when changing a configuration file.
  • Fixed reloading camera.
GenIcam Consumer Capture Device:
  • Added support for multiple frame grabber.
  • Fixed loading parameters at startup.
  • Fixed changing "LinkConfig" parameter.
  • Fixed a crash in Advanced Settings page when using a Kaya Instruments frame grabber.
AVT Vimba:
  • Fixed Chunk Mode Active.
  • Added tap settings.
  • Fixed some ROI and binning issues with Lt965RC model.
  • Added camera frame ID as metadata.
  • Added camera frame ID as metadata.

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