NorPix Latest News About StreamPix and TroublePix Software and Products

As of February 4 2021

All releases linked with Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package v14.16.27027.1.

Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit are no longer supported.

Windows 64-bit versions available for TroublePix, Hermes API and StreamPix 8.

The 64-bit version supports only a limited number of compatible cameras and frame grabbers due to lack of native 64-bit drivers.

StreamPix 8: Current version 8.4.0 (32/64 bit)


  • Display a warning message when the working folder is not available anymore.
  • Rename "Sequence History" to "Recording History" (includes AVI and MP4 files).
  • Merge all the New menu items in a single one.
  • Merge all the Open menu items in a single one.
  • When Bayer is applied at display level, automatic select the right Bayer sub-sampling based on image size and screen real estate.
  • Expose file name in StartExport event.
  • Auto-scroll docking panel based on current active workspace.
  • "Autocopy" feature to automatically copy/move sequence files to a remote computer (using either robocopy or FTP) after a recording.
  • Default threshold value to Stop RAM recording for available RAM is now 1GB.
  • Added support for WIBU license key.
Bug Fixes:
  • Duplicate grabbers don't save/reload their zoom levels.
  • Bug when trying to delete a workspace.
  • NpxAgent log file only updated once the application quits.
  • NpxDebug freezes sometimes after a while.
  • Bitmap Overlay: Added support for overlaying within StreamPix Remote via a "Apply to Remote images" setting.
  • Bitmap Overlay: Added OnDisplay support.
  • Metadata Overlay: Fixed text position not working "on displayed frames" mode.

StreamPix Remote:

  • New: Added color coding in "Remote Control Status" for CPU usage: green for < 70%, orange for 71 to 85%, red for > 85%.
  • New: Added color coding in "Remote Control Status" for disk space: green for > 20%, orange for > 5%, red for 5% or less.
  • New: Slow down the rate at which images are sent to StreamPix Remote, to reduce CPU and network bandwidth usage.
  • Fixed: When reloading a saved configuration, the saved workspace order is not restored properly.
  • Fixed: Reported Bayer pattern in "Remote Control & Status" applies only to raw Bayer pixel format, otherwise is "-".
  • Fixed: Updated documentation about LTC synchronized recording.

StreamTouch: Current version 1.5.0 (64 bit)


  • Linked with NorPix Shared v8.4.0.

TroublePix: Current version 4.4.0 (32/64 bit)


  • Linked with NorPix Shared v8.4.0.
  • Fixed: Playing back selection while loop recording, after the first loop.
  • Added support for WIBU license key.

Hermes API: Current version February 4, 2021 (32/64 bit)


  • Linked with Norpix Shared v8.4.0.

Common files:

Active Silicon FireBird:
  • Linked with Active SDK 1.8.3.
AVT Vimba:
  • Fixed Timestamp Capture when using On Image Received.
  • Fixed PTP synchronization.
BitFlow CoaXPress:
  • Linked with SDK 6.500/GenICam 3.2.
  • Fixed ROI on certain Mikrotron cameras.
BitFlow CameraLink & Analog:
  • Linked with SDK 6.500.
All Dalsa devices:
  • Linked with Sapera LT 8.60.
Flir Point Grey Spinnaker:
  • Fixed ROI does not load properly at startup.
IDS Peak:
  • Linked with IDS Peak
  • Added automatic Bayer pattern detection.
  • Order cameras by serial number in the camera list.
  • Fixed enumeration settings on Settings page.
  • Fixed reloading settings at startup.
  • Fixed setting PacketSize.
Baumer BGAPI2:
  • Linked with BGAPI SDK 2.11.0.
  • Added JPEG compression.
  • Added PTP support.
  • Added support for multiple NIC in same sub net (filterring via IP addresses).
  • Added a frame drop monitor using the frame ID counter.
  • Fixed statistics reports.
GenICam Consumer Capture Device:
  • Added support for "Advanced Settings 2" with Grabber/Channel/Camera interface.
  • Added support for FG Pulse Generator module for Euresys Coaxlink-CXP-12 frame grabber.
  • Added support for more trigger modes.
  • Linked with GenICam 3.2.
Imperx Cheetah GigE:
Imperx Cheetah USB3:
  • New grabber selection entries based on GenICam Consumer Capture Device interface.
Kaya Frame Grabber:
  • Linked with KAYA Vision Point
  • Fixed camera detection after reloading grabber.
  • Added frame grabber multi-channel acquisition synchronization support.
Matrox CoaXPress:
  • Added ConnectionConfig, TriggerMode and TriggerSource on the settings page.
All MCC devices:
  • Linked with MCCDAQ 6.72.
  • Renamed as "Pixelink (GigE, USB)".
WIBU license key:
  • Linked with CodeMeter SDK 7.0.
  • Query adjustments range from camera for Trigger Delay.
  • Modified range for Frame Burst adjustment (1-4095).

Check the list of the drivers supported by our current releases.

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