NorPix Latest News About StreamPix and TroublePix Software and Products

As of November 10 2017

All releases linked with Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package v14.10.25008.

Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit are no longer supported.

Windows 64-bit versions available for TroublePix, Hermes API and StreamPix 7.

The 64-bit version supports only a limited number of compatible cameras and frame grabbers due to lack of native 64-bit drivers.

StreamPix 7: Current version 7.3.0 (32/64 bit)

New Features:

  • Added Audio drop notification option in Streampix settings| More... page.
  • Added a button in the ribbon Sequence allowing to export timestamps to CSV.
  • IO Manager - added output events for managing watch dog related events.
  • OnQueryExportImage - added image and index as parameters.
  • Added support for MP4 playback.
  • JPEG CUDA compression: 25-30% performance gain depending on the image size.
New Modules:
  • Monochrome Extraction.
  • ToF Viewer for Basler TOF cameras.
  • Presets allowing to load predefined camera presets from registry.
  • UDP Trigger: Added Start Pulse and Stop Pulse Message.
  • UDP Trigger: Added a "Close Video File" command.
  • UDP Trigger: Added "Create New Sequence With File Name" command.
  • Arduino Pulse Gen: Fixed wrong COM port detection, conflicting with Dalsa Xtium serial ports.
  • GPS: Fixed selection in the control for time overlay format does not behave properly when using the mouse.
  • GPS: Overlay position N is not selected by default on the font/position tab.
  • Image Statistics: Updated processing.
  • Image Statistics: Modified the way ROI settings are stored so that multiple instances of the module loaded into the same WS can handle multiple ROI.
  • Image Statistics: Fixed freeze on startup.
  • Pixel Viewer: Fixed freeze on startup.
  • Line Scan Viewer: Fixed crash on resize and full screen.
  • DAQ Capture: Fixed scaling formula is not applied when reloading DAQ file.
  • Video Scope: Added support for handling Raw12 bit data to BGR24 bit.
  • Video Scope: Fixed a crash after a few minutes of operation.
  • Web Streamer: Simplified streaming URL maning scheme.

Bug Fixes:

  • Position was wrong in MultiDisplay mode.
  • Recording Scheduler (Advanced) window displays "Streampix" instead of "Streampix 7".
  • Audio Levels channel list does not display properly the selected channel on a ASIO device.
  • Audio playback : playing/pausing/resuming did not work for some AUD file format.
  • Crash when disabling audio DX output multiple time.
  • Exporting SEQ file to MP4 container crashes if the file already exists.
  • MP4 is not properly closed when stop recording.
  • Open MP4 window crashes if you enter invalid file name.
  • When turning off audio, NEW SEQ creates a new sequence with audio track. Quit and restart needed.
  • MOV export (32 bit).
  • StreamPix Lite should not reload sequence markers.
  • When Pausing a playback with audio (AUD, DirectX source), this rewind the sequence slider to the begining.
  • Applying Bayer/Color processing with multiple WS and different cameras.
  • Exporting Time Stamp to csv file: use format settings from time overlay module.
  • In full screen mode information bar pop-up is now delayed until leaving full screen mode.
  • Limited number of markers displayed on sequence slider to the first 100 of the list.

TroublePix: Current version 3.3.0 (32/64 bit)


  • Linked with NorPix Shared v7.3.0.

Hermes API: Current version November 10, 2017 (32/64 bit)


  • Linked with Norpix Shared v7.3.0.
  • New Image format for Basler ToF cameras.
  • New GEOTIFF tag available.
  • New Exif tags available for JPEG and TIFF file format.
  • CUDA JPEG compression: 30 to 40% performance gain in multicamera configuration.
  • DAQ: add support for USB1208HS device.
  • H.264 compression: Manage the case when the HW compressor returns an error by an error message.
  • Fixed H.264 software encoding when running with resolutions higher than HD.
  • Fixed Multi-FIT export for monochrome 128x16 or 128x320, 8 bit image size.
  • Fixed crash in audio resampling library.

Common files:

VRmagic RIC10:
  • First release. Linked with SDK
Basler ToF:
  • First release. Linked with driver revision
BitFlow and BitflowCXP:
  • Linked with SDK 6.303.
Point Grey:
  • Linked with revision of the FlyCapture2 driver.
  • Linked with PVCAM SDK
Cooke PCO:
  • Linked with CamWare 4.04 (SDK 1.21.1).
All Euresys cards:
  • Linked with Multicam driver
Silicon Software MicroEnable IV and 5:
  • Linked with SDK 5.5.1.
  • Linked with XCLIB 3.8 from April 2017.
All Dalsa devices:
  • Linked with Sapera LT 8.30.
  • Linked with SDK release
Flir Point Grey Spinnaker:
  • Linked with SDK
National Instrument NI1429:
  • Linked with NI-IMAQ rev 17.0 (NI-VAS 17.1).
  • Linked with BGAPI2 SDK 2.8.15736.
DataPath VisionRGB:
  • Linked with Vision driver 7.16.3.
Black Magic DeckLink:
  • Linked with Blackmagic DeckLink SDK 10.9.5.
Andor CCD:
  • Linked with SDK 2.102.30034.0.
Andor sCMOS (Neo/Zyla):
  • Linked with SDK 3.13.30034.0.
Active Silicon FireBird:
  • Linked with FBD SDK 1.5.0.
Point Grey Ladybug:
  • Linked with API
  • Updated "Shutter Range" setting.
  • Linked with SDK
  • Added Trigger Delay adjustment.
  • Added Sensor/Output/Image bit depth setting.
  • Added Downsampling Type setting.
  • Added support for flat field correction.
AVT Vimba:
  • Linked with revision 2.1.1.
  • Added support for digital I/O.
  • Added camera timestamp (Timestamp Source, Timestamp Capture settings).
  • Added SyncInSelector, SyncOutPolarity, SyncOutSelector, SyncOutSource, LineInverter, LineMode, LineSelector, LineSource on the Settings page.
  • Added TriggerSelector, PtpMode, PtpAcquisitionGateTime.
  • Fixed Mono/Bayer10p image formats.
  • Fixed some integer adjustments not listed on Advanced Settings page.
Emergent Vision Technologies:
  • Linked with SDK (64 bit only).
  • Fixed image buffers issue in trigger mode on acquisition timeout.
IDS uEye:
  • Linked with IDS uEye SDK v4.90.
  • Fixed a fps limitation.
  • Fixed Clock Speed is not properly set at startup.
Basler Pylon 5.x:
  • Linked with SDK
  • Added SyncFreeRunTimerTriggerRateAbs and White Balance parameters on Adjustments page.
  • Added GevIEEE1588, SyncFreeRunTimerEnable on Settings page.
  • Improved Camera Selector.
  • Fixed Bayer10p image formats.
  • Fixed setting an enumeration parameter.
  • Fixed changing PixelFormat on Advanced Settings page.
  • Fixed White Balance.
Matrix Vision GenTL:
  • Linked with mvGenTL_Acquire 2.22.0.
  • Added support for digital I/O.
  • Fixed Mono/Bayer12p and some YUV422 image formats.
Euresys GrabLink:
  • Added support for line scan cameras.
Dalsa Xcelera/Xtium/X64:
  • Added External Trigger Detection and Trigger Source on Settings page.
Silicon Software MicroEnable 5:
  • Added Grabber Frame Rate adjustment.
Imaging Source:
  • Fixed Contrast adjustment.
WDM drivers:
  • Fixed frame rate adjustment.
All MCC devices:
  • Linked with MCCDAQ 6.60.

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