NorPix Latest News About StreamPix and TroublePix Software and Products

As of February 27 2019

All releases linked with Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package v14.16.27027.1.

Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit are no longer supported.

Windows 64-bit versions available for TroublePix, Hermes API and StreamPix 8.

The 64-bit version supports only a limited number of compatible cameras and frame grabbers due to lack of native 64-bit drivers.

StreamPix 8: Current version 8.0.0 (32/64 bit)


  • Limited the frequency of grabber adjustments changes.
  • Changed the "Recording Rate" page name (under the Streampix Settings) to "Recording Manager".
  • Refresh Rate: merge single / multi-display slider.
New Modules:
  • Dalsa GenCP interface to allow 3rd party frame grabber to control Dalsa CL cameras.
  • Pixel remapping custom module for Adimec Q2HFW camera.
  • Second View: Added support for multiple types of fault via XML file and PullDown Menu.
  • Second View: Force refresh when Display On is selected.
  • Quick Measure: Added the documentation.

Batch Processor:

  • Fixed DAQ export.

TroublePix: Current version 4.0.0 (32/64 bit)


  • Linked with NorPix Shared v8.0.0.
  • New: Added option to rename the sequence to Pre/Post event time.

Hermes API: Current version February 27, 2019 (32/64 bit)


  • Linked with Norpix Shared v8.0.0.

Common files:

  • New driver interface for PCIe models only.
  • Linked with SDK
  • New driver interface for PCIe models only.
  • Linked with SDK
  • Linked with SDK release
Silicon Software MicroEnable IV, 5:
  • Linked with SDK
Baumer BGAPI2:
  • Linked with BGAPI SDK
BitFlow and BitFlowCXP:
  • Linked with SDK 6.308.
Point Grey / Flir:
  • Linked with revision of the FlyCapture2 driver.
  • Linked with Spinnaker SDK
Emergent Vision Technologies:
  • Linked with SDK (64 bit only).
  • Added support for PTP mode.
  • Fixed buffer allocation issue for high resolution cameras.
  • Added binning support for Infinity 3-3URM.
  • Added support for camera enumeration.
  • Added support for metadata.
  • Added support for camera timestamp.
  • Added statistics.
Dalsa Genie:
  • Added serial number to IO name.
  • Added support for some color image formats.
  • Added support for camera enumeration.
GenICam Consumer Capture Device:
  • Added AcquisitionFrameRateMode on Settings page.
Flir Point Grey Spinnaker:
  • Added AutoExposureEVCompensation and pgrExposureCompensation on Live adjustments.
  • Fixed IO input support.
BitFlow CameraLink & Analog:
  • Fixed board access when a CXP board is connected.
Advanced Settings page:
  • Fixed setting with parameters including negative values.

Check the list of the drivers supported by our current releases.

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