Applications for video capture software

Video capture software StreamPix and TroublePix

NorPix is a developer of high-speed digital Video capture software specializing in single or multiple camera acquisition. Our Video capture software provides a wide selection of features such as time stamping, synchronization, audio and data acquisition and much more. Our Video capture software and systems are used throughout a wide range of applications including special effects, scientific research, life science, geo-mapping and military applications.

Video capture software


As NorPix’s flagship software product, StreamPix video referencing has become the ultimate Digital Video Recording software. With its state-of-the-art user interface, users may view, control and acquire from single or multiple cameras simultaneously.

StreamPix provides a complete management console for cameras, simplifying the setup, control and acquisition from any number and type of camera.


TroublePix is a digital video capture software designed for factory floor applications or requirements needing a simple user interface. With TroublePix, you can acquire, view and review all within the same user interface. TroublePix provides features such as looping, Pre/Post triggering, event marking and much more.

With NorPix video capture software you can do all kind of recording: