Witness camera or video referencing

  • On stage video referencing with high speed and high resolution image capture.
  • LTC/VITC time code each image for future referencing with reference cameras and motion capture system.
  • Support VITC time code.
  • Supports all the following cameras and video sources: GigEVision, IP ONVIF Cameras, USB, FW1394, CameraLink, HD-SDI.
  • Synchronize with Vicon Blade system using StreamPix Remote.
  • Multichannel synchronized audio recording with images.
  • Multiple camera facial recording.
  • 3D capture using multiple cameras.
  • Markerless 3D motion capture.
  • Speed up workflow by acquiring directly to JPEG compressed format from HD cameras in real time with time code embedded.
Download 3d capture Brochure
Mocap stage

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