Motion capture software for special effects industry

StreamPix Witness camera : On stage video referencing, facial capture and head mounted

Watch motion capture video.

StreamPix multi camera recording software can be used in various ways for the special effects industry for motion capture and 3d capture. See how actors interact at multiple angles with witness camera or video referencing.

Witness camera or video referencing

  • On stage video referencing with high speed and high resolution image capture.
  • LTC/VITC time code each image for future referencing with reference cameras and motion capture system.
  • Support VITC time code.
  • Supports all the following cameras and video sources: GigEVision, IP ONVIF Cameras, USB, FW1394, CameraLink, HD-SDI.
  • Synchronize with Vicon Blade system using StreamPix Remote.
  • Multichannel synchronized audio recording with images.
  • Multiple camera facial recording.
  • 3D capture using multiple cameras.
  • Markerless 3D motion capture.
  • Speed up workflow by acquiring directly to JPEG compressed format from HD cameras in real time with time code embedded.
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Facial motion capture (mocap)

  • Record from multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • VGA to 4k resolution at up to 200 fps or more.
  • Audio recording with synchronization to video.
  • LTC/VITC time coding.
  • Remote control from Vicon Blade.
  • StreamPix Remote, control all cameras from a single computer.
  • Turnkey solutions available with software, computer,
    cameras, lenses and LTC/VITC synchronization hardware.
  • Compatible with HD-SDI cameras.

Head Mounted Camera Recording System

  • 2 USB 3.0 cameras.
  • 1280 x 900 x 60 fps mono or color.
  • LTC time code synchronized.
  • Removable storage.
  • Small portable lightweight computer.
  • 110 minutes recording time per camera.
  • High quality uncompressed or lossless compressed video.
  • Simultaneous audio recording.
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