Cuda JPEG Real Time Compression Module

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Combine images, GPS georeference information
as well as DMI and Lidar information with our mobile application system.
Acquire from high speed monochrome sensors directly to JPEG.
Unleash your NVIDIA based GPU to perform the real time compression (Fermi architecture).
Works with monochrome 8 bit images only (color to be added later).
Real time compress 1280 x 1024 @ 500 fps or 2048 x 1088 @ 340 fps.
Eliminates the need for expensive SSD or RAID 0 setups.
Adjust JPEG compression between 0 and 100% quality.
Record directly to OS drive.
Facilitates long time recording.
Up to 1.2 billion pixels/second (NVIDIA GTX 560).
Examples of supported cameras:
AVT GT2000.
Basler A504.
Basler acA2000-340, acA2040-180.
Baumer HX13.
Baumer HXC20, HXC40.
Mikrotron MC1310, MC1311, MC1362, MC1363.
Optronis CL600x2.
Photonfocus MV2-D1280.
PT GREY Gazelle CL-22, CL-41.
Vieworks VC-4MC-x340, VC-2MC-x180.
Ximea USB3 MQ-022 and MQ-042.
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