High speed capture for photo finish in sports applications

Photo finish - motion analysis of sport

Norpix StreamPix developed its software for various high-level sport. Whether to analyze the athletes movement or footage competitions, StreamPix is the perfect solution.

Norpix offert easy way to do photo finish line for all type of race, that make easy for the official to set the position and the time of eatch competitor. The camera recording sotware do not need technical expert to operate.

The high-definition recording is used by high-level athlete to see their performance in order to perfect their technique.

Here's a list of possibilities to use the software StreamPix:

  • Slow motion video capture for Olympic athlete
  • Dog race finish line
  • Horse race finish line
  • Bicycle indoor and outdoor
Athletisme 100 meter finish line Camera inside pool Bycicle race camera Dog race photo finish line Fencing slow motion camera Gymnastic slow motion camera 100 meter butterfly slow motion camera

This system is also available for mobile camera solution


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