Capture video in HDMI/DVI/VGA/RGB; video screen capture from various sources

HDMI DVI VGA Streaming Capture Broadcast Video via LAN or WAN Recording

Many applications require the ability to display screen capture, capture video, record and/or stream HDMI/DVI/VGA or RGB source data taken from various sources such as the output of Windows, Linux, UNIX or MAC PC's, Embedded systems, Medical Equipment, Games consoles and other Scientific or Lab equipment etc...

StreamPix single capture video camera or multiple capture video camera DVR application was design for that purpose.

Supported capture card for such application:

  • EMS ExtremRGB series.
  • Datapath VisionRGB series.
  • AccuStream Series.

Record your video screen capture in many formats

  • HDMI capture
  • DVI capture
  • VGA capture
  • RGB capture
Video capture HDMI/DVI/VGA