June 12th 2012 - Montreal, Canada

Please take note that as of July 1, 2012, NorPix will no longer be offering technical support for StreamPix versions 3 or 4. Customers with those versions must upgrade to the latest version of StreamPix 5 in order to continue receiving technical support. The cost to upgrade is $249.95 US.

For more information on StreamPix 5 or to request a demo, you can visit our web site at www.norpix.com or contact our sales department at

To receive a quote to upgrade to StreamPix 5, please contact Debbie Belafi at . Please make sure to include your existing StreamPix serial number in your request.

About StreamPix

As Norpix's flagship software product, StreamPix 5 has become the ultimate Digital Video Recording software. With its state-of-the-art user interface, users may view, control and acquire from single or multiple cameras simultaneously. StreamPix 5 provides a complete management console for cameras, simplifying the setup, control and acquisition from any number and type of camera.

About NorPix

NorPix is a developer of high-speed digital video recording software specializing in single or multiple camera acquisition. Our software provides a wide selection of features such as time stamping, synchronization, audio and data acquisition and much more. Our software and systems are used throughout a wide range of applications including special effects, scientific research, life science, geo-mapping and military applications.

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