Video referencing and facial capture

Video referencing and facial mocap from Studio Pendulum, Robert Taylor.
Article as published in Post Magazine.
Iron Man 2 3D CGI game trailer.

Courtesy Robert Taylor,
executive producer | president
619 725 0750 , 619 981 8655
Special effects for the movie industry.

From Dayton Taylor, Geneva Switzerland, using 20 copies of StreamPix with 80 PT Grey cameras. System records from 4 cameras per pc to create a special effect.
See also item 20.
YouTube YouTube Dayton Taylor's Digital Air built a system with 80 full HD (1920x1080) cameras recording with live preview to two laptops using StreamPix 4 software.

System records 1 image per camera synchronized using 2 laptops and StreamPix software. Photo 1 , Photo 2 , Photo 3 , Photo 4
StreamPix multiple camera recording for facial motion tracking, 3D image modelling, match moving.

Industrial troubleshooting with high speed imaging

Images of a water jet A filling process in the pharmaceutical industry captured with 300 fps @ 640 x 480.

Production of rolling shutter gates and roller shutters. Captured with 300 fps @ 640 x 480.

Images of a water jet. Captured with 300 fps @ 640 x 480.

The camera is synchronized with the frequency of the rotating milling machine. Every 360 degrees the camera takes a picture. At the end of the sequence (unsynchronized) the half cylinder is visible.

Thomas Wald
IS – Imaging Solutions GmbH
Arbachtalstrasse 6
72800 Eningen / Germany
+49 7121 680853-0
Paper mill Multi Camera inspection system for paper mill.

Paper mill test rig using 2 cameras acquiring at 200 fps each x 640 x 480 x 8 bits monochrome. Both cameras acquiring in real time using 1 computer.
High speed video for Conveyor Belts.

This system creates a stream of high quality digital images from both the underside and the side of the conveyor belt so that inspection with reference to location can be performed.

For more information contact:
Andy Garswood B.Eng(Mech) hons
Manager-Engineering Services
pndt Pty Ltd.
+61 8 9382 3844
+61 8 9382 4458 (fax)
Mob: 0438 877 490
141 Cambridge St
West Leederville
Perth 6007
Western Australia
SpaceX using a 4 camera recording system. StreamPix is used for monitor rocket launch over various viewing angles.
Production line troubleshooting using high speed digital video recording with multiple cameras.
Multi camera troubleshooting system from Conmark using StreamPix4 and Pre/Post module:

photo 1 , photo 2 , photo 3 , photo 4 , photo 5 , photo 6 .
TroublePix based high speed trouble shooting video. Courtesy of Opto France.

Sport motion capture

DVC Machine Vision Sports application: Portable 4 camera video recording system from DVC Machine Vision in the Netherlands.
YouTube Inline speed skating motion analysis: Analysis between a learning kid and a world level skater practicing double push. Compare each 3 steps: under push, rolling and recovery, regular push. Sequence captured at 110 img/s and playback at 10 img/s, H.264 compressed.
YouTube YouTube High speed video

Dog race finish line with high speed imaging. Captured by Finn Mengel in Denmark with Prosilica GE680 at 200fps. (7.56 Mb)
Sports application.

Multi camera recording system for swimming application.
Finish line video: Inline speed skating - indoor - Judging with photo finish.

Download 200 meter finish video (mov file, 3.43Mb).
Download 5000 meter start video (mov file, 15.9Mb).
Download 400 meter finish video (mov file, 9.42Mb).
Recorded with TroublePix. Real time JPEG compression.
Prosilica Gx1050 at 100 img/s, 1/200 exposure, 1024x1024 pixel, 8 bit monochrome.
Playback at 10 img/s. Flickering is due to poor neon lighting that interferes with the camera shutter.
StreamPix used in YouTube sport application at the Dutch Innosport’s lab with customized ribbon. StreamPix used with touchscreen monitors.

Geomapping and asset management

Southeastern Surveying Southeastern Surveying & Mapping Corp.

Multiple camera recording system based on StreamPix with GPS time tagging and Distance Measurement Information

Mobile imaging system assesses and maps pavement conditions as published in Vision System Design.
ERTMSCamCorder ERTMSCamCorder for signaling and TrainControl: The ERTMSCamCorder provides integrated recording and replay of DMI video, Track video, JRU messages and infrastructure track layout. Developed using the Hermes API.
Hermes API development environment. Application created with Hermes API to drive a military vehicle remotely.
GIS Mapping . 360 degrees Digital Image Capture with GPS, IrigB and DMI control.
Crack detection in tunnels.

Life sciences video recording

Tadd T. Truscott: We have been working towards methods of determining the positions of birds in 3D space as they fly using our Synthetic Aperture imaging approach. Pigeons are particularly easy to film because we can trick them into coming in for food, and then scaring them. These preliminary videos help understand the potential this approach may have in determining the trajectory motion of these birds in space and time. Thanks to Kennedy Plaza for giving us permission to park there! Oh and thanks to all the local characters that kept asking us what we were doing hoping to get on television! Please enjoy these two videos.
High-speed camera system studies dragonflies for biomechanical research
Medical Design Technology Medical Design Technology. Customized Camera Software Advances Real-Time, Retinal Imaging Research. Developed using the Hermes API.
YouTube "Cooling Spray Flow Analysis": The spray flow is tracked upon exiting the driving tube. Basler A504kc and TroublePix at 1280 x 64 pixels and 8000 fps or 1280 x 16 pixels and 30000 fps . Sequence courtesys of Cosyco GmbH. DIVX/XVID codec required for playback.
More astronomy pictures taken with StreamPix.
NorPix would like to thank Mr. Daniel J. Gooding from the US Geological Survey for this contribution.
Mount St Helens located in the Cascades range in the State of Washington has been erupting since the Fall of 2004. A solid mass of dacite has been extruding to the surface for much of this period. To better understand the mechanics of this eruption new monitoring tools are being researched. Recording images near the vent to capture the developing growth of the emerging dome provides measurements of linear extrusion rates and helps investigate any possible correlations with seismicity, and/or ground deformation.
The current setup is using a Sony SX-XCD 910 camera, Matrox 4Slight with StreamPix digital recording software. The system operates by turning itself on at 8:00 am and shuts down at 6:00 pm (PST). StreamPix is set to record one image per minute and stores the data on a portable 120 gigabit hard drive using a FireWire connection. StreamPix interfaces to a GPS clock that grabs the date/time for microsecond accuracy and saves the data to disk in the header of each image.
The system works on battery power (12 volts) using four 100 amps wet cell batteries which are charged by two 7 amp rated output solar panels .

For further questions contact:
Daniel J Gooding
U.S. Geological Survey
Cascades Volcano Observatory
1300 SE Cardinal Court, Bldg 10, Suite 100
Vancouver, Washington 98683.
Article published in Sky and Telescope magazine on StreamPix.
StreamPix enable retinal imaging for research
Phoenix Research Laboratories innovative retinal imaging system for using small animals for research is described in feature article in BioOptics World.

For further information contact:
Bert Massie, Ph.D.
Chairman and CEO
Phoenix Research Laboratories
Astronomy image acquisition Astronomy image acquisition using StreamPix.

Computer screen capture and recording

Computer monitor acquisition using the EMS Phynx RGB board. Most computer generated images have been captured directly from screen using StreamPix and an EMS ExtremeRGB frame grabber.

Other general high speed video recording

  High speed acquisition using TroublePix by food presentation specialist Petr Hrdlicka from Shotbox.
High speed sequence.

Mechanical wrist watch (225mb zipped AVI file). Captured using TroublePix and PhotonFocus MV2 camera at 512x512-585fps.
YouTube YouTubeHigh resolution high speed video sequence.

Recorded at 1280 x 1024 x 500 fps, with StreamPix rev 3.25, direct to RAM, using a Mikrotron MC1311 camera and a Matrox Odyssey frame grabber, with exposure set to 1/1000 sec. Sequence was compressed using the XviD codec . The codec must be installed in the computer to playback the sequence. Bayer color rendering performed as a post recording operation using StreamPix Bayer Converter plugin.
YouTube YouTube High speed video

Captured with StreamPix and a PhotonFocus camera, DS1-D1024-160-CL-10. (32 Mb)
YouTube YouTube High speed sequence (2000 fps, 720 x 480, 25 µsec shutter)

Captured with a Mikrotron camera, using TroublePix on an OmniSpeed LR800 Controller.
Credit to Bill Abrahams from SpeedVision Technologies.
YouTube Pepsi Cola pop can rotating at high speed, imaged with a Basler monochrome line scan sensor (1024 pixels) at 16000 lines per second. Stream capture using StreamPix, rebuild as an area scan image 1024x600 lines for better viewing. Exported to a compress movie with StreamPix LineScan export module.