October 25th 2011 - Montreal, Canada

Distance Measuring Interval Module:

The DMI module was developed for road surveying as well as any mobile application where image capture must be controlled according to the vehicle's motion and speed.
Using this module, you can synchronize image recording with the vehicle's travel distance. Recording speed is a function of the vehicle speed. When the vehicle is stopped, no video is recorded.

Distance Measuring Interval Module

Distance Measuring Interval Module

The Distance Measuring Interval Module is capable of controlling image capture rates for multiple cameras based on the received information from a Pulse Distance Interval signal (PDI).

Furthermore, current GPS readings and current milepost information can also be gathered during the image capture and recording process and embedded with each image.

The DMI module is made of the following components:

  • A software module for StreamPix.
  • An electronic counter device (usually plugged in to the image recording computer).
  • Sync box that allows connecting various input and output signals together.
  • A Pulse Distance Interval signal usually provided by a DMI device or wheel motion encoder (not provided).
  • A NMEA compatible GPS device (not provided).
  • One or multiple cameras for image capture.