Courtesey of, Norpix partner

Facial motion capture using StreamPix 8. Capture from multiple cameras.

Capture from multiple cameras simultaneously with synchronization using LTC time code or Vicon Blade.

  • Record from multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • High resolution with support for 10 or 25 Gige Vision, CoaXPress or Fiber.
  • 8,10,12 or 25 MP resolution.
  • Fiber cabling for covering long distances between PC and camera.
  • LTC/VITC time coding.
  • Synchronize with Vicon Blade.
  • StreamPix Remote, control all cameras from a single computer.
  • Turnkey solutions available with StreamPix software, computer, camera, lenses and LTC/VITC synchronization.
  • Run multiple cameras from a single computer.
  • Capture audio in Bwave file with synchronization to video.