Courtesey of, Norpix partner

Volumetric, facial or full body motion capture using Streampix 8. Capture from multiple cameras.

Capture from multiple cameras simultaneously with LTC time code synchronization or Vicon Shogun.

  • Record from multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • High resolution cameras over 10 or 25 Gige Vision, CoaXPress.
  • 8,10,12 or 25 MP resolution.
  • Optional optical fiber cabling for covering long distances between DVR and cameras.
  • LTC/VITC time synchronization as metadata.
  • Synchronize with Vicon Shogun.
  • StreamPix Remote, control all DVR and cameras from a single computer.
  • Turnkey solutions available with StreamPix software, DVR computers, cameras, lenses and LTC/VITC synchronization.
  • Run multiple cameras from a single computer.
  • Capture audio synchronized to video.