Supported boards for data acquisition

Current supported DAQ devices (Check with NorPix for other hardware component):

National Instrument:

  • PCI-6229
  • USB-6229
  • PCI-4461
  • USB-6001, USB-6002, USB-6009
  • PCIe-6320
  • PCI-6035E
  • USB-6363

Measurement and Computing:

  • MCC-USB-1408FS and USB-1408FS-Plus
  • MCC-USB-1208FS-Plus
  • MCC-USB-230 Series
  • MCC-USB-231 Series

Note: This is not because your device is not listed on that page that is is not supported. For instance, most NI devices are controlled via the same API. The device may be fully or partially supported. Contact support for further details. We can usually add support for missing devices on short notice.

StreamPix DAQ Capture Module