Premium Modules

The modules below are installed with StreamPix, but they need a license to be activated. The license can be purchased separately or in a bundle with special pricing. The modules indicated with an asterisk are available as a bundled price.

Accurate Time Source Module*:
- Use an external time source like IRIG A/B or GPS to accurately time stamp each captured image.
Audio Trigger Module*:
- This plugin monitors an audio input line and notifies StreamPix when the audio level is higher than a certain value (threshold).
Audio Recording Module with multichannel inputs*:
- Record multichannel audio sources to separate wav / bwav format. Supports high quality sampling rate and resolution.
Batch Processing*:
- The Batch Processor adds a wizard-like workflow for sequencing multiple batch processes, simplifying the number of steps required to achieve the desired final conversion.
BlackMagic Playout Module:
- This module will use the video output available on certain Black Magic Design frame grabbers to output captured or playback video from StreamPix.
Crash/Jam monitoring module:
Cuda JPEG Real Time Compression Module*:
- Cuda JPEG compression module for high speed and high resolution cameras. Record from the new CMOSIS high resolution sensor in JPEG compressed mode. This module eliminates the need for RAID 0 or SSD computer setups.
DAQ Module:
- Analog to Digital data conversion and acquisition along with the video.
DMI - Distance Measurement Interval Module:
- Synchronize image capture rates for multiple cameras using the received information from a Pulse Distance Interval device.
Frame Grabber (FG) Pulse Generator:
- Use the frame grabber strobe output to generate a pulse train and synchrone cameras shutter and exposure.
GPS with NMEA Module*:
- Save from NMEA compatible GPS position information (Lat., Long., Alt., Speed...) along with image.
GRT Playout Module:
- The GRT Playout module provides the ability to drive the play-out capability for supported Great River Technology frame grabbers.
Image Merge:
- Allows combining horizontally or vertically images from 2 workspaces into a third workspace.
InfraRed Remapping:
- Remaps, in real time, high dynamic range images (10, 12 14 or 16 bit per pixel) into an 8 bit dynamic range suitable for image display.
Lidar logger Module:
- Connect to Sick Bulkscan LMS 511 device and retrieve data sent by the device.
Line Scan Module*:
- View images from line scan sensor with a waterfall view and generate standard 2D images or movies.
LTC/VITC Timing Module:
- Time stamping for audio and video used in the film industry Linear Time Code.
Motion Detection Module*:
- Detect motion or change in an image to generate an event in StreamPix.
MCC Pulse Generator Module and NI-DAQmx Pulse Generator Module*:
- Generate a frequency controllable pulse to synchronize multi camera exposure.
OPC and Modbus module:
- Remote control StreamPix from either an OPC or Modbus capable device.
ONVIF Pan/Tilt module*:
- Compatible with all ONVIF cameras.
Pre/Post Module*:
- Synchronize Pre/Post event management during recording over multiple cameras.
- Remotely view StreamPix images (live feed or playback) and control over the main features of StreamPix.
SimulPix Module:
- Simultaneously overlay 2 image streams together into a new stream.
Video scope:
- Real time feedback on the color space during the conversion process.
Web Streamer Module:
- Stream captured video to the internet or intranet.

*:The modules indicated with an asterisk are available as a bundled price.