Image LTC/VITC time stamping within StreamPix

Linear Time Code: Add LTC/VITC information to all captured images. Linear Time Code (LTC/VITC) can number each frame in a HH:MM:SS:FF format, where FF stamps for frame number, going from 0 to 24 or 29 depending on time source encoding. Typically used in the movie industry, where LTC/VITC is used as a reference for both video and audio. When recording from synchronous multi cameras, using the linear time code allows great flexibility for editing over multiple streams, since each frame is uniquely identified by its time code and can be easily retrieved.


Support faster frame rate than LTC/VITC running rate: When capturing at faster frame rate than LTC/VITC rate, StreamPix allows stamping images with current LTC/VITC, resulting in consecutive frames with the same time code. During export, suffixes can be added to differentiate each frame.

When used with the LTC/VITC time module, StreamPix supports remote control start and stop recording from Vicon Blade. This allows complete synchronization with third party MOCAP applications and smooth integration in the workflow.