CUDA JPEG and H.264 Real Time Compression Module.

StreamPix now supports NVIDIA's based GPU to perform real time JPEG and H.264 image compression on high resolution and high speed cameras. Capture from high speed sensors direct to disk JPEG or H.264 compressed format, eliminating the need to use expensive RAID 0 disk array setups.

  • Compress from high speed and high resolution cameras.
  • Compatible GigE, 10 and 25 GigE, USB3, Camera Link, CoaXPress, SD-SDI and PCIe cameras.
  • Compression in StreamPix can be applied real time during recording.
  • Compression can also be applied during export.
  • Compression during export as a post recording operation allows to deal with cases where the CPU or GPU is not fast enough to perform the compression real time.

JPEG compression: it requires Fermi architecture or newer (Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal, Volta). Depending on the image size and required processing time, the number of shader processor units available on the GPU is important. Most part of the algorithm is performed on the CUDA processors, but the shader processors units are used in the last step of the calculation. Each shader can process about 90 million pixels per second.

Number of shader processors are listed below for the various Nvidia products under the SM column. According to our tests, 400, 500 or 600 series have shader processors that are delivering about the same performances.

Example or performance using some Nvidia products for JPEG compression:

GPU Model Monochrome Raw Bayer
GTS 450 500 million pixels/sec 180 million pixels/sec
GTX 580 1.5 billion pixels/sec 500 million pixels/sec
GTX 660ti 744 million pixels/sec 325 million pixels/sec
GTX 680 1.5 billion pixels/sec 500 million pixels/sec
GTX 760 700 million pixels/sec 300 million pixels/sec
GTX Titan 1.63 billion pixels/sec 680 million pixels/sec

The number of pixels per second can be calculated as: Camera Image size X * Camera Image size Y * frame rate per second.

H.264 compression: it requires Kepler architecture (GeForce Series 7xx) or newer (Maxwell, Pascal, Volta). Maximum image size is HD (1920x1080) pixels resolution nomochrome or color. 1 HD video stream can be real time compress up to 120 fps, or up to 2 streams can be compress up to 60 fps each.

  • Acquire and compress from high speed sensors directly to JPEG or H.264
  • Unleash your NVIDIA's based GPU to perform the real time compression.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive SSD or RAID 0 setups.
  • Adjust JPEG compression between 0 and 100% quality or H.264 bit rate.
  • Record directly to OS drive.
  • Facilitates long time recording.
  • All cameras that deliver 8 bit raw bayer, monochrome, YUV or RGB 24 bit images are supported.
  • New H.264 compress up to 2 cameras at HD resolution 60 fps or 1 camera HD up to 120 fps.

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