Image change monitoring or motion detection using StreamPix or TroublePix

The Motion Detection module is designed to perform real time image processing on incoming images from a camera. It can detect significant motion or change in an image and trigger an event. The module is compatible with both StreamPix and TroublePix.

Motion Detection GUI

Once a change is detected, the following StreamPix actions can be triggered:

  • Start REC
  • Stop REC
  • Pre/Post
  • Mark Frame

Additional features:

  • Perform detection over a region of interest.
  • Detect directly from camera or sequence.
  • Sensitivity of detection can be adjusted to local image condition.

Two different detection algorithms available.

Mean Gray

Easy tune up using graphical user interface.


The Module will calculate the average gray level in the defined ROI and upon a change from a reference value, will trigger the event.

Absolute Difference


The module will calculate the pixel to pixel difference from a reference image and trigger the event when the difference reaches above a certain threshold.

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