Video scope

The Video Scopes module offers a small suite of video measurement tools. It offers a Waveform Monitor, a Vector scope, an Histogram and a YUV/RGB parade.

The color space conversion for each instrument follows industry SD and HD video standards BT.610 for SD and BT.709 for HD (depending on mode set). Originating color space is pure 24bit RGB with full gamut and converted to limited gamut YUV or YCrCb depending on the user setting for each instrument, with appropriate 8 bit scaling and IRE level limits.

Different rendering are available:

WaveForm Monitor

The Waveform Monitor is an industry standard video calibration instrument used to measure the video luminance and chroma components in a color image or a video signal. Video can be represented in digital data or an analog signal form.

Vector Scope

The Vector scope is a video tool used to see the Hue and Saturation levels of a color image source. It is a great tool for indicating white balance of an input image, as shifts in hue are readily shown when offset from the white and black center of the scope. The chrominance component of an image can be isolated when converting the RGB color space to YCrCb and only using the CrCb component and calculating the necessary vector (angle and magnitude) from the colour data. RGB data can be sourced from a file or from an array of data which is user selectable.

RGB Histogram

The Histogram is a simple statistical tool used to view the number of occurrences of a particular pixel value in an image. Pixel depth is from 0 to 255 and noted in the x-axis and the number of occurrences for any one pixel is normalized in the Y axis.

RGB Parade

The RGB parade is a tool used to see the individual RGB color values and intensities in an image. It can display the data in Percent, IRE and RGB. The user can set the tool to only show RGB (Tri-mode) or show luminance and RGB (Quad-Mode).

YUV Parade

The YUV parade is a tool used to see the luminance and chrominance values in an image. It can display the data in Percent, IRE and RGB.

Vector scope