• Record to sequence file on disk (raw or compressed).
  • Record directly to RAM for ultra-high-speed capture.
  • Capture or export sequences to AVI in real-time using any installed codec. (*)
  • Capture or export to image formats including: BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, FITS, DPX etc.
  • Customizable read-ahead buffer list to insure no frame will be dropped during recording.
  • Continuous loop for video buffering for machine vision or security applications.
  • Pre/Post Recording with variable Pre and Post duration. (**)
  • Each captured image is precisely timestamped with microsecond precision.
  • External time source cand be used to syncronize with IRIG-B or GPS time using the ATS module.
  • Automatic, customizable file naming schemes.
  • Powerful recording manager allows lots of flexibility for defining recording scheme.
  • H264 multi-channel recording.
  • Simultaneous and synchronous multichannel audio and DAQ recording. (*)
  • Watch dog
(*) Extra ($).