For facial motion capture, StreamPix can capture from multiple cameras at multiple angles

StreamPix can capture from multiple cameras simultaneously with synchronization coming from a Vicon motion capture system. StreamPix is also compatible with LTC time code for timing and can capture audio in a Bwave file for later synchronization in your favorite video editing software. StreamPix can work at resolutions of VGA up to 4k x 4k at speeds ranging from 30 up to 2000 fps.

Facial motion capture can be used for creating special effects in the games or motion picture industry. This match moving technique allows for accurate facial motion tracking using 3D image modeling techniques. Compatible with Movimento software from Autodesk.

StreamPix can also be used for Reference Camera Recording. In this case, all video can be time stamped with LTC timing. Supported cameras range in resolution from 1,200 x 720 to 1920 x 1080 or higher.

Facial motion capture options

  • Record from multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • VGA to 4k resolution at up to 200 fps or more.
  • Audio recording with synchronization to video.
  • LTC/VITC time coding.
  • Remote control from Vicon Blade.
  • StreamPix Remote, control all cameras from a single computer.
  • Turnkey solutions available with software, computer,
    cameras, lenses and LTC/VITC synchronization hardware.
  • Compatible with HD-SDI cameras.

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