StreamPix is bundled with a few utility applications that make daily usage of the software easy:

  • Sequence Viewer is offering most common playback and viewing options for sequences (comes also as a free stand alone application that can be installed on any computer without the need for a license).
  • Disk benchmarking toolbox to measure your hard drive performance: this will help you determine the maximum possible streaming and image recording speed to your computer hard disks.
  • Sequence Header Editor to recover corrupted sequence files.
  • The SendRM tool is a command line application that allows triggering various actions, such as starting/stopping a recording, on a running instance of StreamPix. This tool can be used by your custom application to interact with StreamPix. You can also use it along with the Windows Scheduler to set up multiple recording sessions over a long period of time.

The Batch Processor is a separate stand alone application used for offline processing and image exporting. It requires a separate license.