Color Processing

Real-time Bayer interpolation, color correction, color balance & color remapping

Most modern color sensor are using a Bayer sensor. Bayer sensor delivers raw image that needs to be color interpolated to generate the real color.

StreamPix can perform accurate real time Bayer renderring to allow live color image display while still streaming the raw image to disk. A raw image is 1/3 the size of a color image but contains all the color information uninterpolated. In addition to real time color renderring, raw sequences can also be exported to true RGB 24 or 48 bit color image.
Various interpolation algorithm can be choose to assure the best posible color renderred image.

Advanced color grading with 3D LUT, compatible with IRIDAS .look files

Advance color gradding allows even better color renderring from a raw bayer image, with the compromise of intensive CPU calculation. To shorten calculation, StreamPix is able to use CUDA NVIDIA enable GPU to speed up the grading process.