StreamPix now compatible with Euresys V16 H.264 video capture board

Acquire from 16 cameras simultaneously in compress H.264

Use the power of StreamPix multiple camera to record from over 16 analog video sources (PAL or NTSC).

  • Capture both video and audio.
  • Add overlay caption to each video channel.
  • Acquire continuously over 920 hours per channel.
  • Compatible with Pre/Post module.
  • Time stamp each incoming image.
  • Record H.264 compressed or uncompress to AVI or SEQ file.

Picolo H.264 general features:

  • 16 real-time PAL or NTSC video inputs.
  • H.264 on-board real time compression, full resolution and frame rate.
  • Precise hardware controlled time stamping.
  • Form factor: PCI Express x1 full-height, half-length.

Turnkey system available:

H.264 Turnkey system