Recording Manager Editor: New multi-camera time lapse scripting tool for StreamPix

New multi-camera time lapse scripting tool for StreamPix.

Get control over the recording process using the new Recording Manager Editor. You can create customized recording scripts for processes such as time-lapsed, pre/post, I/O controlled, non-linear recordings.

Recording Manager Editor.

The new StreamPix recording editor allows you to build your own recording scripts on multiple camera systems. Each script can be made of one or more steps per camera. Each step can be made of any number of commands and/or substeps. The script will run sequentially when a recording begins.

Typical commands will include grab frame, skip frame, loop recording, call sub-step, restart immediately, restart every x frames and restart at specified interval. Other features include stop condition(s), Do X times, Until X frames, For Time X, until IO.