DVC Machine Vision

Mobile camera system
Mobile camera system


The demand from the market of professional athletes for a mobile camera setup came to us at the end of last year. Athletes have more and more camera systems around to analyze their movements in training and competition situations. But when being abroad they missed this analyzing tools and routines. That is why DVC developed a solution based on a hard shell casing which includes a fanless PC which runs under all circumstances and is capable of recording frameless streams of images of up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Recording can go up to 5 hours at 50 frames per second.

On the 15'' touchscreen in the case recordings of either all cameras or 1 specific camera can be watched. We work with customer friendly software preconfigured by DVC if requested.


The mobile camera solution consists of up to 4 specific machinevision cameras which together with customer specific lenses are put in a waterproof housing. All cameras have 10 or 20 meters cabling connected to power and GigE plugs in the casing. An extra USB and Ethernet connector are placed in the case as well to send over recording to e.g. portable hard drives or laptop. Recording can be watched on the 15'' touchscreen or via an external monitor.


Camera 1-4 pieces 1.3mp and 50fps or VGA and 200fps
PC Fanless Intel i5
Operating System Windows 7
Camera House IP68
Screen 15 inch touchscreen
Cables Power and GigE up to 20 meters
Software StreamPix - Dartfish
Recordings Up to 5 hours
Battery 5 hours via 230v connector, life cycle about 300 cycles
Connectors 1x USB and 1x Ethernet and 1x HDMI external monitor
Image format Files convertible to .AVI & .MOV files with or without compression