TroublePix software for monitoring and troubleshooting your production line

  • Capture, view and review all simultaneously.
  • Event capture.
  • Continuous looping.
  • Pre/Post triggering.
  • Event marking.

Compatible with USB3, GigE Vision, Camera Link and CoaXPress cameras from over 200 different manufacturers. Check the list of supported cameras and frame grabbers.


  • Easy to use GUI for non-technical operators.
  • GUI available in English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Korean and Japanese.
  • Set looping or Pre/Post loop buffers according to time or number of frames.

Troublepix GUI

Continuous Looping.

  • Set pre-post triggering mode using mouse.
  • Set time to be looped before receipt of trigger.
  • Set time to be looped after receipt of trigger.
  • Save sequence.
  • Reset trigger and start acquisition until following trigger, ie: Auto Rearm.

Troublepix recording menu

Event markers.

  • Keep record and inventory of event markers in a notebook.
  • Trigger events with TTL signal.
  • Monitor mulitple I/O sources.

Troublepix menu

Thumbnail viewer.

  • View full sequence in thumbnail view.
  • Set size of thumbnails.

Troublepix GUI

Motion detection Module.

  • Perform detection over a region of interest.
  • Detect directly from camera or sequence.
  • Sensitivity of detection can be adjusted to local image condition.

Motion detection module