Portable Solutions

High Speed Laptop Recording
High speed laptop solution

Usb3, GigE, 10 and 25GigE, Camera Link and CXP.

Up to 2,000 Mbytes/second.

Touchscreen compatible.

Long term recording.

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Small Form Factor DVR
Vecow small form factor recorder with removable drives Small compact recording unit

Multiple USB3, GigE, 10 and 25 GigE Vision, Camera Link and CXP inputs.

Removable drives.

Fanless based.

Up to 4 SSD's.

Small form factor ideal for vehicle or portable applications requiring high bandwith.

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Desktop Computer
Desktop Computer

Desktop chassis for up to 12 drives.

4U Rack mount adapter.

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Portable PC
Portable PC with 4 cameras

Portable PC's are bulkier but provide better performance than laptops.

These are available with 7200 rpm hard drives for high benchmark applications.

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