• Record to sequence file on disk (raw or compressed).
  • Record directly to RAM for ultra-high-speed capture.
  • Capture to AVI in real-time using any DirectShow compatible codec.
  • Customizable read-ahead buffer list to insure no frame will be dropped during recording.
  • Continuous loop for video buffering for machine vision or security applications.
  • Loop recording.
  • Pre/Post Recording with variable Pre and Post duration.
  • Automatic, customizable file naming schemes.
  • Pre/Post Triggering using pulse generator, with automatic rearm feature .
  • Multiple event marker: mark a specific frame upon receipt of trigger.
  • Lossy JPEG and Lossless JPEG video compression available using RLE, Huffman and LZ algorithms.
  • Provides a quick save/export method by auto-generating file names based on a user defined filenaming scheme.
  • Before a recording starts, TroublePix automatically detects the maximum sequence length in time or number of frames, relative to the available disk space or RAM on the computer.
  • Allows to record and hold multiple sequences in memory, depending on the available amount of physical memory. When used with Auto-Rearm feature, the current sequence is automatically saved on disk before re-arming the system.
  • Focuses on recording images only around a Pre/Post trigger event. Can optionally locate the Pre/Post event using a marker after loading a sequence.

(*) Extra ($).