As of August 26 2021

All releases linked with Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package v14.16.27027.1.

Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit are no longer supported.

Windows 64-bit versions available for TroublePix, Hermes API and StreamPix 8.

The 64-bit version supports only a limited number of compatible cameras and frame grabbers due to lack of native 64-bit drivers.

StreamPix 8: Current version 8.5.0 (32/64 bit)


  • Added real time JPEG decompression to display compressed images received from camera.
  • Added customizable display sections in grabber & sequence displays to be used by plugin modules.
  • DAQ: Added selection of time stamp format while exporting the DAQ data to a CSV or Excel file.
  • History Manager: When scanning history for SEQ files no longer existing, pop up a status information during time consuming clean-up session.
  • Thumbnail Viewer: when recording in loop mode, thumbnails are now refreshed so the new content is displayed.
  • Option to look for Remote servers on the network and show potential hosts (and connect automatically if only one is found).
  • LTC is now processed in metadata instead of using first pixels of the image.
  • Removed support for pixel-level LTC for the "start/stop recording on LTC".
Bug Fixes:
  • Broadcast and center ROI (from right panel) are not loaded at startup.
  • History may not display previous recording in some situation.
  • Color Processing and renderring using 3D LUT files.
  • Bayer/Colors menu: "On displayed frames" from "Apply color processing" is not properly loaded at startup.
  • Recording MPEG4 compressed SEQ with metadata generates incorrect metadata file leading to a crash on playback.
  • Simultaneous AVI playback in 2 or more workspace: pause playback will move position slider back to the beginning of the AVI files, rather than current paused position.
  • Start Recording on LTC from Remote: if StreamPix does not have a LTC time source, ignores the LTC time start and stop command.
  • GPS Module: Fixed decimal settings for GPS coordinate not restored properly.
  • GPS module: Fixed decimal degree calculation.
  • GPS Module: Fixed frame index 0 duplicated in the LOG file when using GPU based JPEG compression.
  • GPS Module: Added support for UTM33 and UTM32 formatting.
  • GPS Module: Added support for absolute time stamp formatting second since Jan 1st, 1970 + 3 decimal milliseconds (000000.000).
  • GPS Module: GPRMC is now decoded for handling heading information.
  • Video Out: Fixed crash when exiting multi-workspace mode.
  • Video Out: Improved rate when using more than 1 workspace per monitor.
  • Video Out: Add support for 3D LIT file.
  • RTSP Streamer: Start/Stop button status is now restored after restarting StreamPix.
  • RTSP Streamer: Added the broadcast capability.
  • RTSP Streamer: When streaming, all parameters, except "Apply StreamPix color processing", are now disabled to avoid changing their values.

StreamPix Remote:

  • "Load Grabber" command now applies to all connected workspaces rather than current selection.
  • Added options to check/uncheck all items in both status panels.
  • Added color coding for buffer usage: green < 75%, orange < 90%, then red.
  • Added color coding for drop frame: dropped frame = red.
  • Added support for 3D LUT renderring.
  • Added a new dialog to compare camera settings and adjustments among all connected workspaces,
  • Fixed StreamPix crash when switching from 3D Lut mode to 1D mode, with StreamPix Remote connected.
  • Fixed white balance color renderring on raw bayer images.

StreamTouch: Current version 1.6.0 (64 bit)


  • Linked with NorPix Shared v8.5.0.

TroublePix: Current version 4.5.0 (32/64 bit)


  • Linked with NorPix Shared v8.5.0.
  • Added image display for JPEG compressed images from camera.
  • Fixed some issues with Chinese translation.

Hermes API: Current version August 26, 2021 (32/64 bit)


  • Linked with Norpix Shared v8.5.0.
  • Fixed monochrome image display from JPEG compressed images buffer
  • Added support to decompressed JPEG buffers for color image display class
  • Updated TIFF library to 4.2
  • Fixed incorrect Bayer rendering with sample factor 1:1 (BGR versus RGB)
  • Added support for Mono 24-bit for display/resize/export
  • Fixed LTC time offset in LTC metadata
  • Export to DNG: added LTC time code if LTC metadata exists

Common files:

Active Silicon FireBird:
  • Linked with GenICam 3.1 (64 bit only).
  • Fixed max image size in certain cases.
  • Fixed opening camera on other channels.
  • Fixed accessing GenICam interface for multiple cameras on the same board.
AVT Vimba:
  • Linked with revision
  • Added "On exposure start" entry in "Timestamp Capture" setting./li>
  • Added support for PTP synchronization.
  • Fixed a bug in acquisition.
  • Fixed memory leak after stopping/restarting the acquisition.
  • Fixed a bug in "Timestamp Capture" setting when using camera events.
  • Fixed monochrome14 image format.
Basler Pylon 6.x::
  • Linked with SDK
  • Fixed SyncFreeRunTimerStartTimeLow and SyncFreeRunTimerStartTimeHigh on Advanced Settings page.
  • Fixed cannot open a camera that does not support events.
  • Fixed some missing adjustments on Advanced Settings page because their max value exceeds the largest integer representation.
  • Fixed a buffer overflow when workspace name is too long.
  • Added some parameters specific to the line scan cameras.
  • Added AcquisitionLineRateAbs, ResultingLineRateAbs and ResultingFrameRateAbs on Adjustments and Settings pages.
Baumer BGAPI2:
  • Added "Sensor AD Digitization" on Settings page.
  • Added "Image Compression Quality" on Adjustments page.
  • Added camera status monitoring into an independent thread.
  • Added support for Auto-Gain and Auto-Exposure on Adjustments page.
  • Added Trigger Source, Line Selector and Line Source to Settings page.
  • Added PTP support for multi-camera shutter synchronization.
  • Displays "JPEG mode" setting only for cameras/formats supporting the compression.
  • "JPEG quality" adjustment are listed only when the compression is activated.
  • Fixed loading value of "JPEG mode" setting at startup.
  • Fixed saving Auto exposure and Auto gain.
  • Fixed setting BGR8 and BayerRG12p formats.
  • Fixed opening a VLXT-06M.I camera.
  • Fixed dll registrationg during installation.
  • "Grab Mode" settings is displayed only when "JPEG Mode" is set to "Off".
BitFlow CoaXPress:
  • Fixed accessing camera GenICam interface in certain situations.
  • Fixed some ROI and frame rate issues with JAI camera.
  • Fixed dll registrationg during installation.
  • Advanced settings: fixed double value reading for non-english systems.
Cyan Systems:
  • First release.
Dalsa Genie:
  • Added new timestamp modes for ExposureStart/ExposureEnd events.
  • Added frame timestamp and ID to metadata.
  • Added monitor for exposure changes.
Dalsa Xcelera/Xtium/X64:
  • Added support for mono 24-bit.
Emergent Vision Technologies:
  • Linked with SDK (64 bit only).
  • Added camera timestamp.
  • Fixed display of Bayer pixel packed formats.
  • Improved LTC frame tagging for 60 and 90 fps capture rate.
  • Linked with XCLIB 3.8 from July 2021.
All Euresys cards:
  • Linked with Multicam driver
Flir Point Grey Spinnaker:
  • Linked with SDK
  • Fixed exposure setting that was not loading properly at startup.
  • Fixed the max value of the fps range on some cameras.
  • Renamed to Flir Spinnaker.
GenICam Consumer Capture Device:
  • Linked with GenICam v3.3.
  • Added Packet Size on Adjustments page.
IDS Peak:
  • Linked with SDK
IDS uEye:
  • Linked with SDK v4.94.2.
  • Fixed IO input for UI-5260CP-M-GL .
ImperX Framelink Express:
  • Linked with driver version
Kaya Frame Grabber:
  • Linked with KAYA Vision Point
  • Fixed ROI settings on a IOI camera.
  • Fixed IO Manager Input Action entries display.
  • Fixed frame rate not properly loaded at startup after power cycling a camera.
  • Linked with ArenaSDK v1.0.29.5.
  • Added serial com support for lens control.
  • Fixed Image Format not loaded at startup.
All Matrox devices:
  • Linked with MIL Lite X v2102 build 5176 (64-bit only).
Matrox CoaXPress:
  • Fixed gain not properly loaded at startup.
  • Image Format setting now includes only entries that are supported by the camera.
  • Bit depth now updated when pixel format changes.
  • Fixed USB-PDIS08 device detection.
  • Fixed crash when using a MCC USB-1408-FS device.
IO Devices::
  • Added support for MCC-USB-1408 Plus.
  • Linked with SDK 1.26.0 (64-bit only).
  • First release. Linked with PFSDK 1.1.5 (64-bit only).
Pleora eBUS:
  • Linked with eBUS SDK
  • Added support for USB3 devices.
  • Fixed dynamic adjustments not loading.
Princeton Instruments - PICAM:
  • First release. Linked with PICam
Silicon Software MicroEnable IV:
  • Added Trigger State setting.
Silicon Software MicroEnable 5:
  • Added support for FG Pulse Generator.
  • Added Trigger Source on Settings page.
  • Fixed opening more than 2 cameras on the same board.
SVS Vistek SVCapture:
  • Linked with SDK 2.5.5.
Screen Capture:
  • First release.
  • Linked with Xeneth SDK
  • Bandwidth is now listed only when the acquisition is stopped.
  • Fixed bandwidth range.
  • Zero ROT setting now only listed when a camera supports it.