As of November 16 2018

All releases linked with Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable Package v14.10.25008.

Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit are no longer supported.

Windows 64-bit versions available for TroublePix, Hermes API and StreamPix 7.

The 64-bit version supports only a limited number of compatible cameras and frame grabbers due to lack of native 64-bit drivers.

StreamPix 7: version 7.5.0 (32/64 bit)

New Features:

  • Bayer conversion and white balance are automatically enabled if image format includes bayer pattern description.
  • MP4 & MPEG TS recording script commands & pages.
  • User Interface is now refresh based on a watchdog event rather from a change in the state machine.
  • Added manual in Chinese language.
New Modules:
  • Xenics Cheetah frame reconstruction.
  • Custom Metadata Overlay to support specific camera metadata configuration via a XML file.
  • Break Detector to allow advanced pre-post functionnalities.
  • Phantom S990 Merge to allow combining 2 or 4 video banks for Phantom 990 camera.
  • Line Scan Video Out to allow live and playback linescan images on a secondary monitor.
  • UDP Trigger: Added a snap command.
  • Second View: An image can be added as a background image.
  • Second View: An image prosition offset (x.y) can be given to allow for an asymmetrical frame.
  • Second View: The centering function is applicable to stretched display.
  • Second View: Fix - Toggeling Second View off-on reverts the Second View Bayer to defayult GR_BG.
  • Second View: Added pull down list allowing for some large text overlay.
  • Second View: Added a custom 'Stretch to [ X ] [ Y ]'.
  • Second View: Implemented zoom and pan functions with the mouse on the centered display within the frame.
  • Second View: Added rotation functionality (display level).
  • Second View: Added advance configuration via XML file.

Bug Fixes:

  • Buffer usage is taken into account when placing a frame marker on an I/O event.
  • No live images after a recording to mp4 ends and "Auto-close file" option is enabled.
  • Some instability related to MP4 recording.
  • Export options (from StreamPix button) are grayed-out on some occasions.

StreamPix Remote:

  • Added Delayed Pre-Post trigger mode.
  • Added a button to trigger Pre-Post event.
  • Added support for Meinberg Time Source.

Batch Processor:

  • Added forced frame rate for MPEG/TS.
  • Added option to merge 2 or 4 banks for PhantomS990 camera.
  • Added option to merge odd even lines: license required.
  • Added percentage values for adjusting image JPEG quality.

TroublePix: version 3.5.0 (32/64 bit)


  • Linked with NorPix Shared v7.5.0.

Hermes API: version November 16, 2018 (32/64 bit)


  • Linked with Norpix Shared v7.5.0.
  • Updated to nVidia NVENC v8.0.
  • Added support for overlap mode / asynchronous access mode when recording to SEQ file format.
  • Added support for exporting 16bit to PNG.
  • Added Interface Query Bayer Pattern to allow automatic bayer selection at the user application level.
  • Fixed exporting to MP4 when more than 2GB of RAM is allocated.
  • Fixed RGB10 pixel packed format.
  • Fixed H.264 encoding with Intel GPU on some HD-630 or newer GPU chipset.

Common files:

Kaya Frame Grabber:
  • First release. Linked with KAYA Vision Point
  • First release. Linked with MVS_STD_3.0.0_180723.
  • Linked with XCLIB 3.8 from February 2018.
VRmagic RIC10:
  • Linked with SDK
  • Added automatic Bayer pattern detection.
  • Fixed displaying a read-only setting value.
  • Fixed ReverseX/Y.
  • Fixed Image Format when setting ROI or ReverseX/Y.
Emergent Vision Technologies:
  • Linked with SDK (64 bit only).
  • Added automatic Bayer pattern detection.
  • Turn off heart beat time out by default.
  • Added support for PTP slave.
  • Added support for IRIG B synchronization over multiple computers.
Active Silicon FireBird:
  • Linked with Active SDK 1.6.0.
Basler Pylon 5.x:
  • Linked with SDK
  • Added automatic Bayer pattern detection.
Basler ToF:
  • Linked with driver revision
Black Magic DeckLink:
  • Linked with Blackmagic DeckLink SDK 10.11.2.
All Dalsa devices:
  • Linked with Sapera LT 8.32.
Point Grey / Flir:
  • Linked with revision of the FlyCapture2 driver.
  • Linked with Spinnaker SDK
  • Added Metadata Mode setting.
  • Added automatic Bayer pattern detection.
  • Fixed updating Image Format after changing ReverseX/Y or setting ROI.
Cooke PCO:
  • Linked with CamWare 4.05.1 (SDK 1.23.1).
  • Added Readout Mode setting.
  • Fixed opening a CameraLink High-Speed (CLHS) camera.
  • Linked with SDK release
  • Fixed loading image format and frame rate at startup.
SVS Vistek SVCapture:
  • Linked with SDK 2.5.0.
  • Fixed acquisition.
  • Fixed Debug parameters are not displayed on Advanced Settings.
  • Fixed reloading 64-bit version.
IDS uEye:
  • Linked with SDK v4.91.0.
  • Improved Resolution setting.
  • Added support for Snap capability.
  • Fixed maximum frame rate not updated according to image format.
Silicon Software MicroEnable IV:
  • Added support for LightBridge boards.
  • Added support for color 30 bit image format.
Imaging Source:
  • New pop-up selection window for multiple cameras.
  • Added Video Format setting.
  • Added support for RGB64 image format.
  • Added support for automatic camera disconnection/reconnection.
  • Fixed reloading camera.
  • Fixed changing between cameras.
  • Fixed some aperture control issues.
  • Added Lens Aperture adjustment.
AVT Vimba:
  • Added support for commands.
  • Added automatic Bayer pattern detection.
Matrix Vision GenTL:
  • Added automatic Bayer pattern detection.
GenICam Consumer Capture Device:
  • Added support for YCbCr format.
  • Added automatic Bayer pattern detection.
Baumer BGAPI2:
  • Added automatic Bayer pattern detection.
Dalsa GigE:
  • Added automatic Bayer pattern detection.
Leutron Simplon:
  • Added automatic Bayer pattern detection.
A&B Software ActiveUSB:
  • Added automatic Bayer pattern detection.
  • Added automatic Bayer pattern detection.
IMITech GigE:
  • Added automatic Bayer pattern detection.
  • Fixed setting some parameters on Settings page.
  • Fixed reloading camera.
  • Fixed frame rate value not properly loaded at startup.
  • Fixed changing Connection Configuration on Advanced Settings.
Windows Timestamp Timesource:
  • Linked with v3.00.
All grabbers that support serial communication:
  • Fixed the number of occurrence of the SetTimeOut() function call.