The following Euresys frame grabbers are supported:

  • Coaxlink series: duo, quad, octo.
  • GrabLink series: base, dual or full camera link.
  • Domino series: RS170 and CCIR modes.
  • Picolo analog series: RS170, NTSC, PAL, CCIR or SECAM modes.
  • Most Picolo HD series: HD One, HD 3G, HD 3G DVI. Picolo HD H.264 is not supported.
  • All Picolo H.264 series: U4, U8, U16, V16, compressed or uncompressed streaming, with or without audio.
  • Supported under Windows 32 and 64 bits.

Euresys Frame Grabber Card

For more details about Euresys frame grabbers, visit Euresys.