USB-TTL input and output trigger box

This box can be used to trigger software events in StreamPix/TroublePix/Hermes based applications. Software can also drive output lines of the box to control external devices such as PLC for instance.

The software will monitor input lines to trigger the following software events:

  • Start Recording
  • Stop Recording
  • Mark Frame
  • Generate Pre-Post
  • Snap a Frame
  • Take Reference Time

More advanced software events can be programmed via scripting.

The software can also drive output lines based on software status:

  • Recording On
  • Recording Off
  • Live Capture On
  • Live Capture Off

More than 20 different statuses can be programmed to drive output lines.

USB-TTL Trigger Box

The box is available with two pre-wired input lines (port A0, A1). Two output lines are driving LEDs in the front panel (port B0, B1). Pre-wired input can be connected via male BNC connectors at the back of the box. Two push buttons can also be used to drive the input lines A0 and A1. Pre-wired LEDs allow user to visually monitor input and output line levels.

A total of 8 input and output lines can be added for an additional cost.

The device uses open ended TTL line. Default level is normally high. Switches are contact closure, driving a level 0 when pushed.

The internal device used for the trigger box is an MCC 1024LS.

Download USB-TTL trigger box brochure.