IRIDAS 3D LUT for HDTV recording now supported in StreamPix

  • SpeedGrade is a family of software products for color grading. Each of the SpeedGrade packages allows filmmakers, postproduction artists, and colorists to create, edit, and share color information.
  • IRIDAS' SpeedGrade applications offer film makers a new approach to working with color. The IRIDAS .look file format allows cinematographers and others to create and share creative looks providing consistency through the whole pipeline.
  • SpeedGrade on set:
  • Features:
  • StreamPix revision 4.16 now includes native support for IRIDAS .look files. Each .look file edited within SpeedGrade can be imported into StreamPix. This allows accurate 3D LUT color grading for all captured images from any color Bayer camera sensor.
  • The color interpolation grading is performed real time within StreamPix for all live, sequence playback or export operations.
  • When exporting a sequence, the color graded images can be saved directly into the Digital Picture Exchange format (.DPX) for exchange between production facilities and simplification of your workflow.
  • StreamPix currently implements Silver level integration with SpeedGrade applications. A Gold level, that allows dynamic exchange of images and .look files between SpeedGrade and StreamPix is under development.
  • 3D LUT color grading within StreamPix will also soon be available for images issued from RGB sensor.