StreamPix with PTGREY Ladybug5


  • Capture to disk in uncompressed or JPEG format.
  • Capture video with time stamp and GPS data.
  • Trigger camera with DMI device.
  • Capture directly to laptop, or small form factor computers.
  • Live preview.


  • Frame rate from 6 to 16 fps.
  • Data rate from 40 MB/s to 245 MB/s.

Trigger Ladybug5 with DMI


  • Trigger Ladybug5 capture with DMI device.
  • Add additional cameras for asphalt or concrete inspection, georeferencing, or asset inventory.

Portable and Desktop Capture Solutions

  • With laptop, desktop or small form factor solutions at up to 240 Mbytes/second in uncompressed RAW format.
  • Capture to JPEG 8 or 10 bit at full resolution and speed from Ladybug.
  • Archive directly to .PGR format for panoramic 3D rendering or post processing.
  • Real time live preview.
  • Georeference each frame using GPS.
  • Accurate frame time stamping.
Portable and Desktop Capture Solutions