EMS DVI / VGA Capture card supported with StreamPix

Supported with StreamPix for recording of multiple dvi/vga inputs on a single computer.

StreamPix supports:

  • PhynxRGB
  • XtremeRGB-II PCI-X Dual channel
  • XtremeRGB-Ex1, PCIe (x4) single channel
  • XtremeRGB-Ex2, PCIe (x4) dual channel VGA/RGB Capture Cards
  • XtremeRGB-Ex4+
  • XtremeRGB-Ex8

A standalone PCIe plug in card, the XtremeRGB captures the display output (e.g. the analogue or digital RGB data) from computer screen and then displays it as an independent application, in real time, on your Windows desktop. The XtremeRGB-II has two inputs chanel for simultaneously feeding two independent data sources directly into your main PC. Various options allows adjusting the capture rate (img/s) as well as the captured image resolution (sub-sampling).

Combined with StreamPix, you can record to sequence file or AVI the video.

Typical performance:

  • 1024x768, 16 bit @ 66 fps.
  • 1280x1024, 16 bit @40 fps.
  • 1280x1024, 32 bit(BRGx) @20 fps.

It is also possible to adjust the capture rate, so that for instance only one frame per second can be archived.