All DeckLink Frame Grabbers are supported using Black Magic Design Native API:

  • DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G
  • DeckLink 4K Pro
  • DeckLink 4K Extreme
  • DeckLink Studio 4K
  • DeckLink SDI 4K
  • DeckLink DUO 2
  • DeckLink Quad 2
  • DeckLink Mini Recorder
  • ...

HDMI and SDI video signal can be captured and digitized. Linear Time Code (LTC) is decoded and store with each frame if included via the SDI signal. Digitized image is either 8 bit YUV422, 10 bit YUV422, YUV444 and RGB24 bit.

Video Playout is possible using Streampix BlackMagic Playout external module. All hardware with output capabilities are supported as well as:

  • DeckLink Mini Monitor
  • DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K
  • ...