Toshiba 1k-hd1 at 1080i


Turnkey solution

Record compressed or un-compressed from a single or 2 Toshiba 1k-HD1 cameras simultaneously.

  • Compatible with StreamPix digital video recording software.
  • Solution available with portable or desktop computer.
  • Includes HD-SDI frame grabber from Active Silicon or Matrox.
  • Record from 1 or 2 cameras simultaneously.
  • HD SDI laptop from ImperX compatible.

Portable computer with CineForm compression at 1920 x 1080 x 30 fps x RGB.

  • Hot swappable drives for unlimited recording time.
  • Small form factor luggable computer.
  • High quality CineForm compression.
  • Also available in uncompressed format.
  • High resolution 1920 display monitor optional.

Desktop solution.

  • Hot swappable drives for unlimited recording time.
  • Uncompressed or compressed configuration.

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