Sony XCD, XCL, and XCG cameras supported with StreamPix and TroublePix

Sony IEEE XCD cameras now supported with StreamPix for uncompressed video acquisition to disk.

  • All Sony DXC and DFW are supported.
  • Sony XCG GigE compliant cameras supported.
  • All Sony XCL cameras supported with frame grabbers.
Sony XCD

StreamPix now grabs direct to disk in uncompressed or compressed formats from any DCAM compatible camera such as the Sony XCD-SX900 or the X700. Capture long sequences of video at full frame rate or in time lapse mode direct to standard off the shelf computers*.

Camera Acquisition Rate
XCD SX 900 1392 x 1040 @ 7.5 fps
XCD X700 1034 x 779 @ 15 fps