Orca ER IEEE 1394

  • ORCA-285.
  • Hamamatsu Orca ER with live uncompressed video recording direct to your hard disk drive or PC RAM.

Orca Camera

Stream an image sequence direct to disk in uncompressed or compressed format.

Example of performances:

  • 1344 x 1024 @ 8.9 frames per second.
  • 672 x 512 @ 16.3 frames per second.
  • 336 x 256 @ 27.8 frames per second.
  • 168 x 128 @ 43 frames per second.

PC configuration required: Windows 2000 or XP with minimum EIDE ATA100 disk controller. Uses standard EIDE ATA 100 7200 RPM hard disk drives.

Note: If you are acquiring in compressed mode, performance may vary depending on power of CPU used. If you acquire in uncompressed mode direct to disk you will require a minimum P3 at 800 Mhz.