StreamPix & TroublePix - CMOSIS Sensor support

StreamPix and TroublePix support CMOSIS sensor based cameras at full digital video recording speed and resolution.

Basler acA2000-340, acA2040-180

Baumer HXC20, HXC40

PT GREY Gazelle CL-22, CL-41

Ximea USB3 MQ-022 and MQ-042

AVT GT2000

Vieworks VC-4MC-x340, VC-2MC-x180


  • Acquire from 180 to 340 fps at resolution up to 2048 x 2048 x 8 bits.
  • Acquire directly to RAM or disk for long recording time.
  • Acquire with no frame drop.
  • Portable or desktop solutions.
  • Supported camera link frame grabbers:
    • BitFlow
    • Teledyne Dalsa
    • Matrox
    • Silicon Software
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