Multi camera digital video recording system

NorPix announces the release of StreamPix 4-200, a complete solution for high speed, high resolution digital video capture from multiple cameras. This application includes StreamPix 4, custom computer and 4 cameras running at 200 frames per second at VGA (640 x 480 resolution). Applications include high speed inspection and troubleshooting of manufacturing processes, not just from one angle at one location but as many as needed to capture and analyze what's really happening.

  • Real time video recording to hard disk or RAM.
  • View, control and acquire from multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • Time stamp by absolute or relative time to synchronize multiple sequences.
  • VCR style controls: Record, Play, Rewind, Fast-Forward, Step and Pause.

Until now, StreamPix users were limited to a single camera. StreamPix opens the doors to a potentially infinite number of cameras, all capturing images simultaneously. "With StreamPix, we can build multi camera recording systems using off-the-shelf hardware, at a very competitive pricing structure," says Norpix President Luc Nocente.

StreamPix's user interface is a complete management console, simplifying setup, control and acquisition from any number and type of cameras, locally or remotely connected, using one or multiple networked computers, desk top or portable.

  • Capture in monochrome or color from GigE, IEEE 1394 (Firewire), analog, digital, CameraLink and USB2 cameras.
  • Acquire images as AVI movies, uncompressed or compressed with any installed Windows-compatible CODEC.
  • Export images as BMP, TIFF, multi-TIFF, JPEG, PNG, FITS or AVI.
  • Color balance, histogram, and other real time image processing.

Process monitoring isn't just a matter of high speed continuous capture. With StreamPix 4, users can define complex recording rules, so that images are captured only under user-defined conditions. More extensive customization is available through the C++ API or using plugins, letting you save third-party input data: temperature, pressure, GPS positioning, all kept in sync with your images.

  • Wide range of cameras and grabbers supported
  • Uses standard, off-the-shelf technology.
  • Complete turnkey systems available.