SimulPix Module for real Time Overlay of Multiple Imaging Sources

Live Imaging from Two Scientific-Grade Cameras on a Single Microscope

Perfect for acquiring images for:

  • Patch Clamping / Electrophysiology
  • IR-DIC with Fluorescence in Living Cells
  • Fluorescence Polarization in Living Cells
  • Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
  • Dual-Emission Ratiometry
  • Multichannel confocal microscopy

Now, any researcher can acquire two simultaneous channels of images from their microscope and instantly see both channels in a live overlay view. The new SimulPix software from Norpix opens exciting new ways to observe, study, and measure dynamic events and changes that can only be explored by gathering image data from two distinct imaging modes. Because it's from Norpix, all data is reliably streamed to disk where it can be easily accessed for rigorous analysis and presentation.

  • No more switching between microscope modes. All data are acquired in parallel
  • Live preview windows show each channel separately and as a perfectly aligned, user-defined overlay
  • Capture to disk for as long as your experiment requires
  • Choose a QImaging camera that fits your needs and budget
  • Each camera runs at optimal speed: no speed penalty for running two in parallel

Example of system operation:

Camera 1

Image from camera 1

Camera 2

Image from camera 2

Camera TwinCam

Resultant superimposed image of camera 1 and camera 2

System available as a turnkey system or with the following components:

  • StreamPix software with the SimulPix module.
  • Two matched monochrome Cameras (ask about adding one camera if you already have one)
  • Perfect fit with Dual-Cam precision multimode image splitter (optional).

Download the PDF brochure