TroublePix wireless triggering

With TroublePix you can now start/stop a recording or trigger a Pre/Post event remotely using one of the following supported radio triggers:

TroublePix Wireless Trigger

TroublePix includes various keyboard shortcuts like:

Keyboard shortcut Description
F1 Open TroublePix User Guide
F2 Save
F3 Start/Stop Playback
F4 Toggle Review mode
F5 Start/Stop Recording
F6 Switch to Camera Panel
F7 Switch to History Panel
F8 Switch to Status Panel
Alt+M Show Marker List
Alt+S Show Status log
F9 Open TroublePix Settings
Ctrl+F9 Open TroublePix configuration file
F10 Toggle "Fit Image To Window" mode
F11 Mark Current Frame
F12 Toggle Full Screen
Space Emulate Pre/Post Trigger
Ctrl+O Open Sequence
Ctrl+Shift+O Open AVI
Ctrl+X Close current file
Ctrl+Shift+X Close all opened files
Ctrl+S Save As...
Ctrl+I Export current frame to image
Ctrl+W Export to Windows Movie (*.avi)
Ctrl+Q Export to QuickTime Movie (*.mov)
Ctrl+Shift+P Print current frame
Ctrl+Shift+V Print preview
Ctrl+Shift+S Open Printer Settings dialog
Alt+F4 Quit the application
Ctrl+T Show Thumbnails
+ or Ctrl+"+" Zoom In
- or Ctrl+"-" Zoom Out
* or Ctrl+0 Reset Zoom
Ctrl+B Toggle Bayer conversion
Ctrl+1 Switch to GBRG Bayer pattern
Ctrl+2 Switch to GRBG Bayer pattern
Ctrl+3 Switch to BGGR Bayer pattern
Ctrl+4 Switch to RGGB Bayer pattern
Ctrl+P Change Bayer pattern
Ctrl+C Toggle Auto Color Balance
Ctrl+V Show/Hide timestamp overlay
Ctrl+G Load grabber
Ctrl+Shift+G Reload current grabber
Ctrl+Alt+G Load preferred grabber
Ctrl+L Toggle LIVE mode (grabber acquisition)
Ctrl+H Adjust grabber features
Ctrl+J Adjust LIVE adjustable features
Ctrl+D Adjust advanced grabber settings
Ctrl+F Change buffer count
Ctrl+Y Launch Batch Processor
Ctrl+E Launch Sequence Header Editor
Ctrl+R Launch Register Manager
Ctrl+N Launch NorPix Logger
Ctrl+K Launch benchmark tool
Ctrl+U Check for updates
Ctrl+Shift+F Send feedback to NorPix
Ctrl+Shift+L Display license information
Ctrl+A Display program information and version number
Alt+1 Activate Camera Viewer
Alt+2 Activate Playback Viewer 1
Alt+3 Activate Playback Viewer 2
Alt+4 Activate Playback Viewer 3
Alt+5 Activate Playback Viewer 4
Alt+6 Activate Playback Viewer 5
Alt+7 Activate Playback Viewer 6

NorPix is a leading developer of digital video recording software for acquiring live video directly to hard disk or RAM. User applications of NorPix products include motion analysis, image archiving, flow analysis, medical imaging and web inspection.