Applications for video capture software

4D Facial capture
4D Facial Capture

High resolution capture, 8, 10, 12, 25MP.

Mulitple cameras.

LTC time code and Vicon Blade synchronization.

Long time recording.Synchronization.

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Video capture for mapping
Road asphalt inspection

Capture high resolution and high frame rate video.

Single or multiple cameras.

GPS or IrigB tagging.

Trigger based on DMI output.

Long time recording.

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High speed trouble shooting
Troubleshooting And Packaging

Single or multiple camera solutions.

From 100 to 1850 fps.

Laptop or desktop solutions.

Easy to use software for factory operations.

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Biomechanics and motion analysis

Record your motion analysis from multiple cameras with precise time stamp and synchronized video.

Systems can be used to record organism in zoology, behaviour, rehabilitation, sports and many other types of motion analysis.

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Motion capture
Motion capture

Video referencing for mocap stage.

Sync with Vicon Blade.

Capture from multiple camera simultaneously.

LTC time codes.

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Screen capture
Capture video

Capture single or multiple screens.

Capture synchronized audio.


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Finish line capture
High speed capture

For custom solution based on NorPix software contact

Custom solutions available with multiple cameras.

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Airborne video recording
Airborne video recording

MIL Spec computers.

29MP camera support.

GPS or IrigB time stamping.

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Film archiving
Film archiving

Restore old 35mm film to digital format using StreamPix.

Compatible with over 200 different camera brands.

Capture and export to various file formats such as AVI, MOV, DPX, ProRes and many more.

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PIV software
PIV software

StreamPix support various cameras that include PIV functionality.

Double exposure feature is fully supported with for instance Imperx cameras.

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