CineForm Codec - real-time video compression with no degradation of quality

Starting with StreamPix revision 3.36 or revision 4.10, as well as Hermes API build 11th November 2007, Norpix includes now real time support of the CineForm codec.

That codec allows recording of raw bayer images with real time compression. That high performance codec allows high compression rate without degrading image bayer pattern, allowing upon decompression high color quality rendering. Movie quality compression is made possible thanks to the codec. Recorded images are stored compressed to a standard AVI movie file.

Note that there are different versions of the codec, depending on the image size you are working on, camera frame rate and quality required. A decoder is also required to be downloaded for playback.

Download Neo Player, a free CineForm decoder, to playback on any computer an AVI movie compressed using CineForm codec.

  • High compression in real-time with high quality playback.
  • Codec supports 8-, 10- and 12-bits-per-pixel color depth.
  • Configurable for Bayer pattern, encoder quality, white balance, curve correction.
  • Compressed images stored in a standard AVI movie file.

The CineForm codec can use all available CPU core, loading up to 100% if needed. Typical pixel processing is up to 90 megapixels per second on a dual-core 2.4 GHz machine. Performance benchmarks for StreamPix doing real-time streaming to an AVI file, with 15:1 compression and encoder quality set to FilmScan1, include:

  • 640x480 8-bit color, 150 fps, 95% cpu load (Intel dual-core T7400)
  • 640x480 12-bit color, 140 fps, 44% cpu load (Intel quad-core Q6600)
  • 1920x1080 8-bit color, 31 fps, 30% cpu load (Intel quad-core Q6600)
  • 1920 x1080 12-bit color, 29 fps, 85% cpu load (Intel quad-core Q6600)

StreamPix can add 4 types of meta data within the AVI file when capturing and pushing the raw images to the CineForm codec:

  • Encoding quality
  • Bayer pattern type
  • RGB color balance
  • LUT curve correction: Linear, gamma or log, where a slope ratio can be defined

These values can be entered via the following "codec setting" dialog:

Settings Window